[ETOEB1//28//] An Elf Paired with a Human

Chapter 28

An Elf Paired with a Human

Carter's POV:

"A-are you going to kill me!? Spare my life, please! I still want to live!" I raised my two hands as a sign to settle with her.

"I said, be quiet!"

"Okay, Alright! I'll give myself up and surrender. I'll shut up if you want, as long as you don't kill me!" She constricted her eyes and gave me a distrusting look on her face.

I begged for my life, but it looks like Amarra wasn't listening.

I saw Amarra's hand slowly pulling the string of her bow farther away from her body. I squeezed my eyes shut. My body was shivering from intense fear and cold.

I was standing still like a preserved frozen caveman as she released the string's tension.

It looks like this is the end of my life.

Goodbye beautiful world.








I waited a few seconds but I felt nothing. I felt n

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