[ETOEB1//46//] An Elf's Hut in a Rainbow

Chapter 46

An Elf's hut in a Rainbow Forest

Third POV: Ricky and Sandra

They were running again because of what Ricky has done. The fierce pterodactyl and from its very rough hands and sharp nails, Ricky was caught.

"Here we go again!" rather than being scared Ricky by the tone of his speech, he seemed to be even more pleased about his situation and since because at first they were caught by Amarra's griffin and he enjoyed being taken up in the sky to see the vast view of the whole world.

When the monster grabbed Ricky and slowly carried him up into the air, Sandra immediately grabbed Ricky's feet to hold on and pull him back to the ground but the Pterodactyl's force was obviously stronger than Sandra.

Lincon followed, clinging to Sandra's feet. They looked like a kite, waving back and forth in the sky.

Lincoln forced himself to climb above them and it was as if he Sandra and Ricky was his ladder. He reached for the sleeves and collars o

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