Chapter 56: Light Edge Lake Incident

Two days after Adrian’s burst of anger at Ralph. One week after the last meet. It’s time to meet Kathleen to settle the distribution of Cross Catch manuals. Luckily, she lives with Rupert so he did not need to go to move to other location to finish the matter.

Ralph had been quiet since then. He just nods and say ‘yes’ like a good servant. The relationship turns awkward when Ralph does his morning training elsewhere. Adrian saw him in ‘Map’. Ralph change places to train every morning. Adrian is not worried about it. Ralph is still viewing Adrian as a kid. Adrian just wants him to stop. That is all, no hatred.

“Hello! Rupert, Kathleen. Are you in there?” Adrian called out the couple’s name outside the workshop.

After a minute of silence, ha calls out again.

“Hello? Is anyone in there?” Adrian makes a puzzled expression. Rupert should be out by now to greet him. This is unusual.

So, he wait a little bit and try again, but still no answer.

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