Chapter 57: Losing Hope

Adrian opens the ‘Map’ and take a look at the cavern structure. Through the ‘Map’ he saw it all the lake imps and the humans included.

“Eh? They are split?” Adrian is puzzle looking at the ‘Map’ that is indicating many blue dots for humans and red for the imps.

The positions are split into three. All of them are surrounded by red dots. At least 200 of the each. The closest group is 1 km away from him. Adrian saw there are a few red dots deeper in the cavern. That must be the nest.

“Aria, suggestions? Should I use Lighting or Light?” Adrian turns to Aria for a solution.

[Responding. ARIA suggests Light. Lightning will spread into an uncontrollable level if the distance is too far.]

“Then Light it is then.” Adrian nodded to the suggestion. Although his Lightning magic is powerful and he is great at controlling it but being underwater will make it difficult to control it. He just realizes that.

[Selected: Excalibur]

“Let’s go Cali

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