I Got A System In The Ruined World

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I Got A System In The Ruined World

By: Magecrafter OngoingSystem

Language: English

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For years, Damien Stark endured the relentless torment of bullying, a life defined by isolation and despair. But one morning, everything changed. As the sun rose, Damien awoke to a world consumed by chaos and devastation. The apocalypse had arrived, bringing with it a merciless system that forever altered the rules of survival. To Damien's astonishment, he discovered that he possessed a System, as well as a unique Gift that will allow him to survive in this new world. In this shattered world, he plans to do all he can to survive and rise to the top. Driven by a newfound determination, Damien embarks on a perilous journey through the remnants of civilization. Along the way, he encounters treacherous landscapes, formidable adversaries, and the haunting echoes of his painful past. Guided by his indomitable spirit, he must navigate a world teeming with peril, where every decision could mean the difference between life and death.

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  • Life_Of_Mid


    An exciting read

    2023-09-27 20:56:15
  • Analyn Bermoy


    I got your book and started reading it. Good luck ...

    2023-09-24 05:39:21
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318 chapters
Prologue: The Boy Called Damien
From a very young age, I had always known … "Teacher, Damien is being weird again!" "W-What did I do? I just…" "Shut up, Damien! How many times have I told you…" As a child, I had discovered, or rather… The truth had become glaringly clear to me, forced down my throat until it was one thing that remained constant throughout my life… The world was unfair! Some were born with good looks, charms, flair, and natural interactive skills. Some had money and were born into rich families, they become highly influential in their environment. In such a world, all you needed was luck, something outside your control. If you were born ugly, poor, and introverted… There was nothing you could do about it. "Damien's weird…" "He keeps talking to himself in such a weird way" "He doesn't have any friends…" "Just look at how miserable he looks, what could he have done in his past life to earn such a face?" I grew up hearing those words from everyone around me. I always wondered to myself whethe
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The Beginning Of The End
"This world sucks… Everything sucks!" I muttered to myself as I grunted on my bed. I turned slightly, placing my head on my comfy pillow as I wrapped my entire body with the thick duvet which seemed to be twice my size. Covered in a blue overall, with star designs all over the pajamas I wore, I yawned and smacked my lips. Suddenly a loud ringing noise, followed by stereos of music and the jingles of a melody invaded the silent, dark room. I cringed in discomfort. "Urgh! Shit, not again!" I groaned as I tightened my face in disgust and frustration. I had shut everywhere, covered all the blinds, and even covered myself in my favorite duvet, yet the noise of celebration still managed to reach me. Glancing over at the wall, I saw a large calendar hung there, in a sorry state with several tears and marks all over. It had several strikes on it, showing the days that had passed. And the dates that were left without any marks were the days I was yet to live through. My eyes caught the nu
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The Final Gift
"Ah, let's check what's going on on Earth now…" I said, as I casually walked towards a large screen a short distance from me. I turned to my side and saw the shiny being who claimed to be 'God', and whom I now realized was technically my roommate. The luminous person folded his hands and just kept looking at me as I walked nonchalantly toward the large screen which resembled a television. "Good morning, or… Whatever time it is now…" I waved, noticing the gaze of God on me. Time didn't pass in the 'Sacred Hall', as God called it, so I had no idea what time or date it was. It had been a while since I had gotten mysteriously teleported into this mysterious space, and I was now feeling at home in the massive white hall. Wearing a new set of pajamas and socks, different from the last one, I cracked my neck and smacked my lips as I slowly moved forward while yawning. Finally getting to the front of the golden screen, I raised my hands and tapped it gently, still using my other hand to
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Banishment To Earth
"I had decided to monitor you closely due to your anomaly. Plus, with the attitude and terrible luck you have, receiving this 'Gift' changes nothing for you, and you would be dead as soon as you entered into your world again."I silently listened to God's words, and while they were informative, they were very harsh."You see, Damien, everyone else had selected the best gifts. I planned on making you wait here for a while longer, so you can become entirely saturated with this place, but I can't stand you anymore!" God declared.I bit my lips as they quivered and released my tensed-up body. What was I thinking? That I could just hang out and chill with God for the rest of eternity? Of course not. Even if I had any chance, I ruined it by being my usual trashy self-pity."I really am a useless piece of shit, aren't I?" I chuckled to myself sadly, drowning in self-pity."Will you stop that! You dare to call yourself that in my presence?!" God asked in an annoyed tone.Realizing I was in th
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The Start Of Survival
I opened my eyes and found myself in a familiar space. It was dark, warm, and quiet… It was a place that always calmed me down no matter what happened. A small ray of sunlight pierced the room, passing through the small space caused by the demarcations in the curtains which covered my window. "It's morning already," I said tiredly. I gave a short sigh and glanced around me. It took a while before my eyes adjusted to the darkness, but once they did I was able to see things a little more clearly. My wall clock hung on the wall, along with my calendars and the other accessories I had, which were mostly based on my favorite anime characters. My mind wondered for a moment, disoriented about many things, most especially the short, yet seemingly lasting dream I had. "If felt so vivid though…" I muttered. Deciding that I have gotten enough sleep, I stretched my body and yawned heavily. "Should be the 26th now. Would you look at that, I slept throughout Christmas, after all." With no
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Experimental Phase
Okay, first things first, I need to know exactly what my aids are.It's been 30 days since the 'Miracle' happened. Today is the 24th of January... Looks like I missed the New Year celebration as well... Yayy...I was in the Sacred Hall for quite some time, and even though we didn't spend much time talking to each other, I knew quite a few things about that God guy.Knowing the geezer, there was no way he would say something if he didn't mean it."Since he brought me to this world and gave me advice, it must mean that I have a chance at surviving... and I'm definitely taking it!"Currently, I possess the Divine System, a window that contains information about myself.The world is now like a game, and I'm a player. Just like in RPGs and fantasy events, I have access to a special panel that displays my current status and abilities.Every Gifted in this world possesses this System, and along with it comes the power to 'Level Up' and increase one's overall abilities.Other than that, there
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The Thoughts Of A God
In the profound silence of the celestial palace, the resonant voice of God echoed, "It's about time he left." The gravitas of his words filled the divine expanse, each syllable reverberating in the still air.Ensconced on his monumental throne, his eyes were drawn to a large golden screen suspended before him. This screen was no ordinary construct, but an extraordinary device reflecting a vast multitude of events unfurling across his divine dominion. His gaze swept over the flickering images, taking in the realities of the mortal world below.Observing the unfolding circumstances, his voice rang out, "Would you just look at this... What a mess!" His utterance carried an amalgam of surprise, disappointment, and a poignant frustration.The spectacle of the world beneath was enough to stir even the most composed deity. Witnessing the callous disregard for life by humans, the ease with which demonic entities invaded and overran once majestic cities, a sense of profound irritation welled
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The First Step
It had been six days since I returned to this world, and 36 days since this madness began... My body still trembled at the thought of leaving this haven I had made for myself, but I refused to allow the fear within to shake my resolve. "Urgh… I stink…" I gagged, after taking a whiff of my odor. Being so preoccupied with learning as much as I could, I spent little time doing anything else. Other than eating and sleeping, my undivided attention was dedicated to learning as much as I could about the System and formulating strategies while preparing for the inevitable time I would leave. After six days of such an unhygienic lifestyle, I needed an intense bath. I brushed my teeth as hard as I could, making sure I got everything right since I would not be doing anything like it in a while. Also, using the water that was left in my bath, after putting enough in my [Subspace] I had a thorough shower. Now feeling refreshed and full of vigor, I picked the clothes I had decided to wear, af
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Milestone Achieved
My body quivered, trembling with an unfamiliar sensation, a disconcerting numbness spreading through my limbs like a silent, creeping storm. It was a moment that hung in the balance, teetering between survival and demise, an instant that would decide if I could find my place in this world, or be discarded like obsolete flotsam in the face of an era that was alien and daunting in its savagery."As a rational person, should I fail to kill a Demon during our first encounter, what hope could I possibly harbor to explore the chaotic world that lies in wait beyond these walls?" This grim realization sank like an anchor in the sea of my thoughts.With an unwavering grip, I clutched the sharpened metal rod that was my only line of defense, a pitiful shield against the brutal realities of my existence. With measured movements, I tilted the rod, aligning its razor-sharp edge towards the direction of the ascending staircase."Skraakiiiikk!" The eerie sound resonated in the cavernous silence, the
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Level Up
With a resonating "Skrreaeeek!", the cavernous hallways of the forsaken edifice reverberated with the guttural cries of otherworldly creatures, malicious echoes snaking their way through the labyrinthine pathways that had once offered the promise of escape. But it had become glaringly clear that the maze now only led to dead-ends.An eerie realization dawned on me, chilling me to the core yet oddly sparking a determined resolve in my heart. There was no path for flight, no possibility of escaping the hellish scenario I found myself ensnared in. The only victory lay not in evasion, but in confrontation. I had to suppress these demonic creatures, overpower every single one of them lurking within the decrepit walls of this forsaken structure. It was a daunting task, to say the least, but one that could not be avoided. The only way to gain an upper hand was to anticipate their attacks, strategize against their strengths and weaknesses, for my resilience against their unexpected onslaughts
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