End of mission (1)

Ethan and the other system users arrived in the same place they found themselves before the beginning of the hell scenario, this place was bitch black in color, it was more like the dark of the night but weirdly they were still able to see themselves.

Elfina was standing beside Ethan as the result was called out, Ethan stood there and watched, his name was at the top of the list followed by silver Amon, strangely, Elfina was right beside Amon in the ranking.

[The top 16 would be selected to the participate in the last challenge to prove who is the sovereign of all Chosen..]

[As for those with lower ranks, you will be sent back to your world with the said rewards, However you can choose to watch the challenge of the top 16 and see who emerges at the top.]

The same voice announced.

All the system users decided to wait behind, if they leave now, they will never be able to know who emerges as the sovereign of them all.

[For the final challenge, it would be a battle between all of yo
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