Returning to real world

The battlefield was set for the only two contestants of the title of supreme. One was a human who had grown past the expectations of humans, and the other was the heir to the rulership of a world.

'I have seen him fight. I'm sure that he is pretty strong. It would be a pretty difficult fight, but losing is not an option,' Ethan thought to himself.

Silver Amon grinned, "I have been waiting to fight you ever since your name showed up above mine in the simulated kingdom results. I want to see how strong you are. You might have been able to conquer those kingdoms with wisdom, but let's see how you fight me."

Ethan didn't respond as he waited for the battle to begin.

And it began...

Silver Amon made the first move, his body sweating out a weird liquid which took the shape of two swords that Silver Amon held in his hands.

Ethan also brought out his Flame King Sword, and both of them clashed.

The battlefield stretched out before them, a vast expanse of scorched earth and remnants of previous
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