Act 16

"What are they trying to do going inside the village?"

"The village already has become a graveyard, so there is nothing for them to obtain, so why?

Questions like this run wild inside my head. and I can't think of anything that the eggs are trying to do.


"What the!?" When I entered the village, I saw a sight that I had never thought of seeing.

Small, bright particles appeared all around the village...

"What's going on?"

Small, bright particles are gathering in one place. When I looked at where the particles were gathering, I saw two eggs floating in mid-air, and the eggs were observing the small particles inside them.

"Are these small particles mana?" "And they are not only observing mana from the surroundings; they are even gathering it from the human flash that is all around the place."

"But why are the eggs collecting mana all of a sudden...?" Huh!? Ohh!! "Now I remember... it looks exactly like when I hunt down the high orcs."

"They did the same thing at that time too."

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