Chapter 110: Before the fireworks disappeared (Part 2)

There is still so much time of the day. For a man that always focuses himself on work like Ren. Day-off feels a little boring.

He then stood up from the bench chain and fold the firework poster in four. He then put it in his pocket and go for a stroll.

Konoha is with her friend today and having fun. Usually on their day off Ren and Konoha are at their house chatting and doing fun stuff. Days such as this still come. Not being with Konoha in these kinds of days made Ren feels dejected.

Ren continues his stroll in the town and encounters someone familiar.

Standing with a huge crowd of people. The girl named Yuko is there standing with a cold look in her eyes. Ren turns his glance to the direction Yuko was looking and there. I saw her big sister Yuha who is wailing in defeat.

“Rematch! You cheating bastard! I demand a rematch!”

Yuha protested.

“Sorry, but it's against the rules. You already lost in the duel. We already

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