Chapter 18: Questioning

“Sorry, we have to tie you down.”

Emilco said while looking at the newly woken up blonde girl. The cafe is already closed and no one is in the cafe except Konoha and me.

The blonde girl struggles herself and tried to untie the rope binding her both hands behind her back. Her body we’re also tied to a single chair and her mouth was covered by masking tape.

She is mumbling words we can’t understand while looking at us with a sharp gaze.

“We should at least talk to her.”

Konoha said.

“Big sister Konoha is right big sister Seele.”

“I don’t know about it… We don’t know if she is a top-tier assassin deployed to kill us.”

“There is no way she can move from her position right now.”

Emilco argues with her big sister.

Seele thinks about it and scratches her cheeks with her index finger. She turned her glance on Konoha.

Konoha's peaceful mindset is currently influencing them. It's the same for me, I can und


The time moves fast. I never know that it's already half of November. I hope tomorrow is a great day.

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