Chapter 78: Sword awakening

“Big brother be careful. He's a skill user I also feel an ominous presence on him. He is one of the dark beings. Those fangs and red eyes. He must be vampire kin.”

“Does that mean this man has the ability to regenerate? If that’s the case then I don’t have to be merciful.”

Amiya charges toward me and slashes me with his sword. One slash of his sword created a strong gust of wind. I have no idea what kind of ability he has in his sword. I will keep my distance and defend myself until I knew about it.

His sword glows in golden color and that light also enveloped his body.

“Sword skill: Heavy core smash!”

His sword grows much stronger and it felt heavier than normal. I tried to block his sword with my sword that a borrower with the knight I have slain.

“Sword skill: Horizontal slash!”

Our swords collided making sparks and metallic sounds. My hand started to shake and I felt the

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