Chapter 80: The goddess

By accessing her avatar script code Konoha Ai escape death in this world. She regains eternal beauty and youth. She doesn’t even need food to maintain her energy. She became a real goddess in this world.

“... Then how about Konoha Travel? You said you live with both Konoha and Konoha Ai before. What happened to Konoha Travel?”

“Something bad happened between them… Having the same face and body. Konoha Ai changes Konoha Travel back to her normal body. By accessing Konoha Travel’s avatar script code. She rewrites its code and gives her an original appearance. The appearance of Hiyami Kanna. So that they don’t have the same face and body anymore…”

I see, that’s why she is called Kanna by Miyu. That explains why her body changed. She is having her real body as Hiyami Kanna.

“... I was so lucky, Konoha Ai also use her rewriting code ability and rewrote mine. That’s the reason why I&rsquo

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