Flower Collection System

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Flower Collection System

By: Djisamsoe OngoingSystem

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For some people, looking for a woman may not be difficult. Especially if the man is handsome, rich and educated. But, if you don't have that criteria, then be prepared to continue to fall into the abyss of helplessness. That is what Rexy Sanjaya experienced. Face mediocre, poor without a permanent place to live, and did not have a penny inherited from his deceased family. "Sorry, I already have a boyfriend!" "Your face is ugly, I don't want to have an ugly lover who is an eyesore!" "Ugly man, useless, poor anyway! Get out of here!" ...... Rexy had forgotten how many times he had been cruelly rejected, and humiliated every time he had expressed his feelings. Right on his 27th birthday, the last betrayal made Rexy couldn't bear it anymore to face his fate, and decided to commit suicide. Intending to hang himself to death, it turns out that the world is still joking, and makes him come back to life. Luckily, when he came back to life, he found a system that could change his fate. Oh, wait! The system was apparently not a stroke of luck! It's just gambling

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Fat, ugly, and pathetic pig!
At night, on the outskirts of town, in a dimly lit simple boarding house, somehow because the room lights were no longer there, a young man was seen busy stringing a rope on the ceiling of his room.The young man looks not handsome, his face is actually not black, for Asian people, he has a white face that is usually owned by a handsome young man his age.Unfortunately, at the age of 27, his face showed thirty-plus years. With several wrinkles on the forehead, and red eyeballs and black circles around them. More like an undead than a human.S snub nose, and a mouth that opens because his two front teeth stick out from the rest of the flock, he looks very suitable with his sad face.No more than 160 centimeters tall and with a lot of fat piled up, he looked like a fat pig standing up, and was stringing ropes to prepare for its own death.After the young man finished stringing, his two trembling hands held the loop-shaped rope in front of him, and began to close his eyes."Father, Mothe
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The perfect woman
The most beautiful goddess in the universe?Rex was silent. His mouth was open, and twitching together with black furrows on his forehead.Just an egg, and dare to say that she is a Goddess? Still claiming she is the most beautiful in the universe?Since when did eggs become beautiful?If an egg can be the prettiest in the universe, then he can be the most handsome in the universe, right?"Hehehe.." Rexy smiled cutely, and was stupid when he thought of the words of an egg."What you're laughing at? do you not believe that this Goddess is the most beautiful woman in the universe?” Even though it was only an egg, her seemed to be able to see the expression on Rexy's face, and immediately asked after seeing he smile.Rexy didn't answer, he just looked at the egg in front of him without expression, and then shook his head."Looks like I really didn't die. This must all just be a dream! Well, I must be dreaming of meeting a talking egg." Rexy closed his eyes, then opened them slowly, and h
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First mission
"Argh..." Rexy screamed and woke up."Rexy, Rexy, are you okay?"When he just opened his eyes, Rexy heard a woman's questioning voice, but it wasn't the previous woman's voice.Following the source of the sound, Rexy found that a woman was already in front of him, and seemed to be looking at him worriedly."Erlina..." Rexy recognized her.Erlina, she is Rexy's next door neighbor. A 23 year old woman with a beautiful and elegant face. However, since Rexy was lying on the floor, the woman's face wasn't the most attractive.What Rendy was most interested in were the two large watermelons hanging from Erlina's chest, and distracting from the view of her face."It's round and very big. It's beautiful." Rexy felt dazed by what she saw, and subconsciously said."Round, big and beautiful?" Erlina looked confused when she heard that what Rexy said was not the answer she expected."What do you mean big, round and beautiful?" Erlina asked again to find out.But, Rexy didn't answer, and when Erli
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He was very surprised, but not because of the glass that could float in front of him.But the reflection of his face, or the shadow of the teeth that previously came out of his mouth which has now disappeared, and is normal like a normal human. No more offside teeth like before."My teeth..... hhahaha.... my teeth are back to normal. I'm getting handsome!"For you, normal teeth might be normal, but for Rexy, who has lived for 27 years with advanced teeth, it's really annoying.Sometimes, it also interferes with his activities. although there are slight benefits, such as opening a beer bottle cap without having to look for a tool. Just use its special teeth, and it will easily open.Actually, Rexy's face was still the same as before, ugly. Rexy said handsome, maybe because it was the first time he saw his mouth without teeth offside."Tsk...tsk...tsk...only just got the teeth back to normal, you're already laughing like a real maniac. How about you actually become handsome!" the odd eg
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Thank you, Lina
Rexy was confused and frustrated. He didn't know what to do now.Because of the previous incident, Erlina must have had bad thoughts about himself.If now broke the door and entered into the bathroom where Erlina was taking a shower, and maybe not wearing clothes, Rexy's reputation would be very low in Erlina's eyes.But....'Do! No matter what, I have to do it'"Knock...knock...knock""Ahh..."Rexy knocked on the door, and thanked Erlina immediately came out of the bathroom."Wh-who? Who is it?" Erlina's scream that sounded scared came out.Rexy's face became doubtful, and didn't know what to do next."Who! Who's outside? Don't mess around. Or, I...I'll call the police!"Hearing this, Rexy's face grew even more confused, and finally worked up the courage to speak."Lina! It's me, Rexy. I have something important to say. It's so important that I have to go in without waiting!""Rexy, Rexy! Ahh... What would you do? You pervert! You want to peek at me again! Do not enter! I swear, if y
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Now or never
On the other hand.After screaming and closing the door loudly, Erlina felt her heart beat very fast, and was very embarrassed.Her face as red as a tomato, she clutched her chest, trying to keep it from rising and falling.If you can see, it must be amazing."Shame on you! Shame on you! Did he see everything? Pervert, he must have! Ahh, I have to teach him a lesson!"Said in her heart, Erlina quickly changed her clothes, and came out to scold Rexy."Check." the door opened, and Erlina's face red with anger came out.When she left, Erlina also brought a broom in her hand. Maybe it was the broom he used to clean his room.Red face, and broom in hand, Erlina angrily approached Rexy in the living room."Pervert man. Did you see me before Forget it immediately! If you don't, I'll pry out your eyes!" Erlina shouted, and threatened Rexy who was sitting in the living room.Rexy himself, he always saw Erlina coming out of the room, and when he saw her, he eyes lit up.But, at this moment, whe
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Rexy kissed his lips.Erlina couldn't believe what she felt and saw. Her eyes widened, and her body stiffened. Not yet there, her also felt Rexy's hand again squeezing his chest harder."Umm...umm..."Erlina wanted to scream, but because her lips were closed, her voice sounded like the sound of pleasure.Rexy, who was closing his eyes in fear, suddenly heard that voice and thought that Erlina didn't blame him. So, he boldly stuck his tongue in, and moved his hand more forcefully."Umm... ummhh..." Erlina's voice still sounded the same. Only, this time his body began to rebel.Her moved his body several times, trying to get away from Rexy's embrace. But, when her tried to move, her felt something else in his stomach.It was hard, and the heat in his stomach was growing."Ahh..."Erlina was really scared, I don't know where it came from, suddenly a very large force appeared in her body, and forcefully pushed Rexy away.When pushing Rexy's body, the force was too great, and Erlina's body
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After solving the problem with Erlina, Rexy returned to his room.Looking back at the broken rope on the ceiling of his room, Rexy couldn't help but start remembering the events of today.Starting from his intention to end his life by hanging himself, but the rope he used broke, because he couldn't hold his weight. It's as if the world doesn't allow itself to escape its misery.Not until there, when his life was up, he instead met with an egg. A strange egg, which can talk, and transforms into a beautiful woman.Then, the strange egg gives him a mission, which requires him to become a complete pervert, and a complete asshole.Thinking about all this weirdness, Rexy massaged his forehead which was starting to hurt, and threw his fat body onto the bed."Huh... this is really out of my control!" Lying on the bed, Rexy felt that his world had completely changed.There will be no more good and innocent Rexy. because from this moment on, he had a great responsibility.Erlina, just because h
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Feedback system
Rexy initially thought, his fate was very unfortunate. However, he realized that there was someone worse off than himself.For himself, maybe it's just a less-than-perfect physique, and rejection all the time.And Eggy.Imagine! from being the most beautiful and revered woman in the entire Universe, she had suddenly turned into an ordinary, useless egg.Years of living in the highest state, suddenly fell to the lowest point!It's fallen, hit by the stairs too!Two unfortunate peopleRexy sighed in his heart. He felt a little sad for himself, and Eggy."Okay... okay! Don't be sad anymore, Goddess. I promise I'll help you. Yes, even as a Slave." Rexy tried to comfort Eggy who was sad.However, Eggy over there sneered at him instead."Pooh... helping this Goddess? You are still not worthy!""Okay, okay... I'm not helping you. How about we get our revenge together?""Don't exalt yourself too much! Just now you were so frustrated and wanted to kill yourself. How are you going to help this
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No time to relax
"Okay! You've chosen to extend your lifespan by 5 hours. For now, you better go out instead of wasting time sleeping."Not needing to be reminded by Eggy, Rexy also had thoughts of leaving. But he wasn't out looking for anything or anything, it was only because he was hungry.Only when he heard Eggy's words did Rexy think of something else and asked, "I did plan on going out, and you told me to go out, are there any other missions?""No. missions only appear when the opportunity arises, and they usually appear when you meet someone. Instead of wasting time sleeping, wouldn't it be better to look for opportunities to earn points outside?" Hearing this, Rexy thought a bit.Erlina's previous mission did appear because she was in front of him. That makes sense.But Rexy still had something in mind and asked again, "Mission from Erlina, has everything been completed?"Rexy intended, if he could earn points from the mission in Erlina, it would be easier than having to go out and look for st
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