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He opened his eyes to the unfamiliar surroundings, green grasses as long as two grown men stretched as far as the eyes could see before he could make sense of what was happing he felt a piercing pain in his chest a green razor like arm extended out of his chest blood gushing everywhere turning back he only managed to utter the words “is that a mantis” ********************* hello everyone, trust me this book gets better as it goes on so pls be patient

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The azure sky seemed like a gigantic blue emerald, the midsummer sun seemed like a huge fire ball, hung on the top of this huge emerald.Using the sun's position one could estimate that the time was around 3pm,On the seventh city of the international alliance"DING! DING! DING!"As the loud bell spread across the entire campus the campus suddenly arose with commotion and ruckus each building poured with students, laughing in groups towards the school gate."JASON!""JASON!"A thick voice shouted from afar "Jason someone's calling you,"In the midst of the group of students, a teenager who was holding a cell phone walked along with the students, he was wearing a regular blue sports uniform and was around 175 cm, and was a bit skinny.At this time he hesitantly turned his head, the person calling for him was guy around 190 cm, with tiger like shoulders and bear like waists, his biceps were even more brawny and astonishing."You are?"Jason hesitantly watched his approach, not recogn
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"You three what is going on here" asked the teacher, receiving no answer he asked Uche,"Uche what's going on" hearing this Uche hurriedly replied,"Sir it's Millan's fault"Uche exclaimed and went on to explain what happened."So that's what happened," with a long sigh the teacher said "Jason I cannot overlook the offence you have committed today, our school is for learning and studying not this kind of stunt your pulling off," the teacher said with a righteous tone."Your suspended for a week," hearing this Uche said in protest, "but sir it was clearly Millan's fault for beating up Jason" said Uche."Are you questioning my authority," said the teacher "but" before Uche could say anymore Jason stopped him "let's go" he said, leaning on Uche's arm he walked away.If people saw this scene they would be astonished, you could immediately tell that Millan had astonishing backing.After the both of them where long gone the teacher said, "young master Millan you shouldn't mingle with this
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It wasn't just a single awakened beast that attacked humanity they were a loads of them, unending monster hordes.Like a pre planned attack every beast from every corner of the globe attacked humanity together, there were much stronger than regular animal's.human's did not take the attack seriously in the first place, thinking that with sufficient firearms the rampaging animals could be stopped while firearms where indeed able to stop the rampaging animals for some time it did not last for long.The first fully awakened monster appeared in Hawaii wiping out the entire island, firearms and bullet's didn't seem to work on it, it was a lizard like creature, and unlike the normal slightly stronger than normal monsters this one was much stronger, coming out of the active volcano in the Hawaii national park, and with the size of a small car it seemed to be able to control the volcano's.Because shortly after it appeared on the island an eruption soon followed, lava and large amount of volc
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Humanity was on the run, law's no longer held meaning and over half of the human race was wiped out, that was until they appeared.Ten great of human that humanity would always be grateful to, six men and four women all incredibly strong, so strong that humanity saw them as gods bringing human's out of the darkness and establishing the international alliance.Showing humans how to cultivate genetic energy to become as strong or even stronger than the monster's human's where now not totally helpless against the monsters, all of this took about 20 years the following ten year's where used to build city's with dome like shield's powered by genetic energy core's. Not everyone had a gift for cultivation, as their where three kinds of genetic warriors only the one's with enough talent and determination could walk faster on the path of a genetic warrior.The first type are the genetic warriors who trained from the beginning, from student level to that of an awakened, the second are those
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Ranks II
What are the levels for spiritual cultivators asked Jason while looking at Anna "hmm there are six level's all with ten sub level's, that's the controller, the spiritual student's, the third eye, spiritual king, spiritual emperor and spiritual sovereign.Excellent exclaimed Jason with a smile looking at his phone he was astounded 8:00pm "hmm time for dinner" muttered Jason as he went into the kitchen, slicing three onion's he went on to add a set of other ingredients"Three tea spoons of curry powder, one tea spoon of ginger powder minced fresh parsley, one cup of chopped carrot, one cup chopped celery, one cup chopped green pepper, one cup chopped peeled apple, you could see Jason's hands moving around the kitchen like a professional chef.Meanwhile in the living room perceiving the remarkable aroma coming from the kitchen Anna scurried over on her toes, sneaking into the kitchen she soundlessly grabbed a spoon as she moved in the direction of the pot of boiling curry.She tried to
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Red crystal
Meanwhile in space, many galaxies and light years away from earth, floating in an endless void where the laws of physics held no meaning, the surrounding matter where getting sucked deeper and deeper into the bottomless void, but a red crystal like object stayed still like an unmovable rock not being affected by the surrounding gravitational pull."Hmm I guess it's time; an ancient voice sounded reverberating throughout the entire black hole and immediately a terrifying suction force erupted from the red crystal. Time seemed to pause, as all surrounding motion stopped, with a bang all the matter and energy in the surrounding's started moving towards the crystal "whoosh!After there was no more matter in the black hole the red crystal started absorbing the black hole itself, quite ironic isn't it a black hole getting swallowed just like that after the absorption was complete the red crystal stopped as it seemed to have absorbed enough energy tur
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With long breaths Jason didn't seem to hear that voice as he had passed out. He opened his eyes to the unfamiliar surroundings.Green grasses as long as two grown men stretched as far as the eyes could see I've transmigrated that was his first thought before he could make sense of what was happening he felt a piercing pain in his chest as a green razor like arm extended out of his chest blood gushing everywhere, turning his head he only managed to utter the words "is that a mantis" before he scattered into light particles.Opening his eyes in the morning he let out a deep breath "it was all a dream" said Jason feeling elated time but his joy was short lived as a robotic female voice appeared in his head followed by data that he could see in his mind {time spent in the hunting dimension 4.5 seconds, evaluation: unbelievably poor, gains: none}Jason was given the shock of his life I'm going crazy he thought {detecting unstable composure 3…2..1} with a zap Jason felt a bolt of electricit
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Excuse me Miss Dalia my name is Alan, I just came to check on all the families in the neighborhood to see if anyone is missing but don't worry it's seems you are all ok said Alan while writing on a file in hand, out of a newly found habit Jason as the gentle man he was respectfully looked at his stats but was given a pleasant surprise instead.Name: AlanClass: Genetic warriorRank: FLevel: 8Manual: Mystic fire scripture {download: 5 coins}Skills: fist surge {download: 2 coins} flaming steps {download: 3 coins}Unlike last time instead of the unable to download icon that appeared on the screen, this one showed something different, "what's different about this guy Jason thought, snapping his fingers as if figuring out the answer to his question.Jason muttered maybe I have to meet them in person, the more he thought about it, the more he believed himself to be true, trying to prove his theory he turned on his mobile phone searching the web for videos of awakeners or genetic warriors
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Outside the dimension Jason's body was at the hospital with a drip connected to his arm, his body was sucking spiritual energy from the surrounding's."Mom what's wrong with big brother" asked Anna with worry evident on her face "Don't worry honey the doctor said he was becoming an awakened" that's awesome, Anna said with glee"Yes it's indeed awesome said Dalia as she looked at Jason's body with worry, Jason was indeed undergoing a bloodline awakening according to what the doctor said."This is a very rear case considering the fact that none of his family members has ever been a genetic warrior or had a bloodline awakening" The doctor said with excitement visible on his face, he was indeed excited because as the doctor who discovered Jason he would get rewarded by the alliance."Doctor please do me a favor and don't report my son to the alliance, I want him to decide whether he wants to work for the alliance or not" said Dalia wiping the smile off the doctors face.If they had indeed
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so what was that hunting dimension I entered in the first place asked Jason "ohm it was something I stole from an ancient god, it was supposed to be for his son to reach godhood from the student level, even I don't fully understand it I just took it and used it to make a training guide for my successor, ok back to the matter at hand are you ready to receive my bloodline asked the Ancient man.Feeling his eye's twitching Jason said "so you stole it" ignoring the question the man continued "seriously receiving my bloodline is no joke,"You are going to relive my life, and mind you I have lived for a very long time, your character is too weak so, you will probably start acting more like me after receiving my bloodline while I don't mind that I would also like you to retain your true self and not get caught up in living my life."I understand" said Jason with seriousness" if you want to begin crush the red orb in your hands said the ancient sounding man, without a single shred of hesitati
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