Mission to Wealth

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Mission to Wealth

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Gibson's life seemed to be in chaos, facing allegations of theft at his workplace. He had been framed by his own friend and even his boss, who was having an affair with Gibson's lover. On top of that, Gibson received news that his mother was hospitalized and needed money. Gibson was shattered and walked aimlessly until he was eventually brought together with someone who would change his life.


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  • Meriem Jauslin


    Good story

    2023-09-24 03:18:57
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32 chapters
Chapter 1
"We, as the company, are compelled to make the decision that has been clearly stated in the letter. During the investigation period until we find accurate and valid evidence, Mr. Gibson will have to be put on temporary leave."Gibson Altarkan, a man with a neat and clean shirt clinging to his body, blinked his eyes a few times.The words he had just heard with his own ears felt utterly unbelievable to him.How could it be? He was about to receive a termination letter directly from his boss."I sincerely apologize, sir. However, I cannot accept this letter at all. Shouldn't I receive a more thorough explanation about the reasons behind this termination letter?" Gibson said, attempting to defend himself.Because at that moment, he didn't feel guilty at all. He didn't even have any wrongdoing, but for some reason, his boss accused him with such a statement.The boss remained silent, massaging his temples, which seemed to be throbbing with pain after hearing Gibson's demand for an explana
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Chapter 2
Gibson left his office feeling shattered. His thoughts were scattered, blurring the lines between right and wrong."What should I do?!" Gibson asked himself, frustration evident in his tone."Damn it! Why does all of this have to happen? Why her of all people?! I never even imagined she would go as far as to pin the blame on me like this."Gibson raked his hair in frustration. He had truly been foolish to trust that despicable man so much.He sat down at the roadside, letting the sounds of passing vehicles dominate his ears.For a while, Gibson just daydreamed until he felt his phone vibrating and ringing in his trouser pocket.He took out his phone, looking at the name of the person responsible for the ringing."Doctors?" Gibson mumbled, staring at his phone.Gibson then walked a little forward. Trying to find a place where it wouldn't be too noisy to make it difficult for him to hear the sentence that the Doctor where his mother was being treated would say.The man then picked up th
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Chapter 3
Gibson's heart raced as he stood there, shocked, absorbing the sounds from behind his room. His wife, Kiara, was laughing with a man inside. Anger and disbelief surged through Gibson. Without hesitation, he burst through the door, his emotions unfiltered. Luckily, the bedroom door wasn't locked, so Gibson easily stormed in. A nauseating sight lay before Gibson, something he had never imagined. "What's happening here, Kiara?" Gibson's voice quivered with a mix of pain and anger. Kiara's laughter subsided as she turned to face her husband, her eyes widening in surprise. On the other hand, Hans appeared startled but quickly composed himself. "Gibson, I can explain," Kiara began, her voice trembling. "Explain? What is there to explain?" Gibson's voice grew louder, his patience wearing thin. He glanced toward the man who was now beginning to dress after an intimate encounter with his wife. "Mr. Manager?" Gibson stared in disbelief at what lay before him, but the words from Mr. Man
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Chapter 4
Gibson gazed at the long road ahead, leading him to the hospital with a sense of anxiety. The burden weighing on his chest felt like the weight of the world, especially when he thought about his mother's hospitalization.The cost of his mother's surgery was enormous, and his wallet was nearly empty. In his desperation, he pondered how he could gather money quickly."I have to figure out a way to get money as soon as possible. My mother's health is much more important than my pain over Kiara's betrayal," Gibson clenched his fists, determination firmly planted in his heart and mind.Gibson continued his journey towards the hospital. Knowing he didn't have much money, he chose a quiet shortcut by the river, where its tranquility mirrored the peace of a poet who disliked lingering in crowds."I need to get to the hospital quickly," Gibson mumbled again as he strode with his long strides. His face was filled with worry.But it seems fate has a strange way of playing. While continuing to wa
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Chapter 5
The atmosphere remained silent as the men locked eyes with Gibson, who seemed to have just awakened from a long slumber. His gaze emitted a myriad of burning anger."What should we do?""We can't retreat just like that. The young master will surely punish us.""In that case, let's confront him head-on. After all, there are more of us, while he's alone.""Alright, some of the guys attack that scoundrel, and the rest bring the woman."The men sounded like they were both questioning and strategizing for their next move.In the frozen moment of tension, the men, with eyes full of anger and ill intent, prepared to initiate the fight. Some of them were even readying themselves to approach the trembling beautiful woman.However, amidst this uncertainty, like a lightning bolt tearing through the sky, Gibson rose with a firm and resolute stance."Stop!" Gibson exclaimed, his voice echoing throughout the area.As fast as lightning, Gibson leaped towards the woman, creating a solid barrier betwe
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Chapter 6
"Yes. My mother."Gibson fell silent. He felt a blow seeing his mother's condition. Amidst it all, Calista decided to invite Gibson to sit outside."Why do you seem so worried?" Calista asked, her eyes full of concern.Gibson pondered for a moment before sighing heavily, "I'm facing a problem.""What problem?" Calista inquired, genuinely interested in Gibson's life. "If you need a friend to share with, I'm ready to be that friend to share your problems, Gibson.""We've just met. It doesn't feel quite right for me to tell you my problems," Gibson looked distant."It's okay. Just tell me. Who knows, I might have a solution," Calista tried to reassure the hesitant Gibson.Gibson looked at Calista and then scanned her from head to toe. He looked at her attire, which seemed quite expensive. For a moment, an inaccurate thought crossed his mind, but luckily his sanity quickly returned."I... I'm having financial problems. I was just fired from my job and my mother needs surgery urgently, but
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Chapter 7
Gibson was contemplating everything that had happened in his life in just a matter of hours. He had to weigh the pros and cons of Calista's offer. Regardless, his life was about to intersect with the world of black business.Ddrrrttt... Ddrrrttt...Gibson grabbed his phone and saw his sister's name on the screen. He clenched his fist and finally found his answer."So, what do you think?" Calista asked again gently, her eyes filled with hope, fixed on Gibson.Gibson smiled thinly. "This plan is crazy, Calista. But it seems like it might work."Calista smiled with relief, like the sun finally breaking through dark clouds. "So, you agree, Gibson?"Gibson nodded. "I agree. We'll enter a contract marriage. I'll pretend to be your husband and protect you, Calista. But I want this agreement to be our secret.""Of course, Gibson. My father could kill me if he found out about this plan. I really don't want to be engaged to the man he chose," Calista revealed."Will you introduce me to your fat
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Chapter 8
After the tension-filled decision at the civil registry office was finally carried out, Gibson and Kiara were officially separated.There was no more connection or attachment between the two of them."Congratulations on your breakup, Darling!"Calista wore a wide smile on her beautiful face. Without hesitation, Calista deliberately planted a kiss on Gibson's right cheek.She knew this would further ignite Kiara's jealousy every time she saw it."Darling," Hans called out from behind his girlfriend."What's the matter?!" Kiara snapped, her focus still on Gibson and Calista, causing her to unintentionally berate her boyfriend. "Oh, Darling... that's not what I meant. I'm sorry."Hans shook his head slowly, puzzled by his girlfriend's behavior."You're not feeling jealous, are you?" Hans asked, seeming to understand the meaning behind her actions."Of course not, Darling. How could I possibly be jealous of them? That's impossible," Kiara emphasized, not wanting her boyfriend to misunders
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Chapter 9
Evening has arrived. The newlyweds who had exchanged their vows at the altar earlier in the morning were now inside a car."Where are we actually going, Calista?" Gibson asked as he drove."You'll find out soon enough, Gibson. Slow down, and take the next left turn up ahead," Calista instructed, still not looking at Gibson.Gibson didn't ask any more questions. He followed all of Calista's directions until their car entered an elite area with rows of large, luxurious houses."Stop in front of that big white gate," Calista gave another directive.It turned out they were moving to a very large house, which Calista claimed to be one of the most beautiful houses in the city. From the outside, it looked like a palace with a beautiful garden.A man in a security uniform was seen running towards the large white gate. He promptly opened both gate doors wide."You've finally returned, Miss," Fred, the security guard at the front gate, breathed a sigh of relief."Of course, I'm coming back here
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Chapter 10
"I'll show you to your room, Gibson," Calista said, walking towards a partially closed door. "This is your room, Gibson.""Very nice room, Calista. So, where's your room?" Gibson inquired."My room is right next to yours, Gibson. You can rest now. I need to take a shower," Calista replied before leaving the room designated for Gibson.As Calista exited Gibson's room and closed the door, she noticed Sofia standing near the top of the stairs, looking at her with significance.Although Sofia was the head servant, she had raised Calista since childhood and was no longer formal with her.Calista, understanding Sofia's intent, simply smiled and entered her own room. Sofia followed her and closed the door behind her."Tell me everything. No matter how good your acting is, you can't deceive me. I've been taking care of you since you were a child," Sofia said as she arrived in Calista's room. "I know you must have an unreasonable plan just to defy your father's arrogance," she continued with a
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