Forgive Us, Your Highness

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Forgive Us, Your Highness

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Adam was a son-in-law of the Jones family. Not only was he humiliated, but he was practically turned into a slave of the family. Due to the love he had for his wife, he was enduring all the humiliations until he caught his wife cheating on him, on their two years wedding anniversary night. He was shattered and heartbroken. Clara didn't feel remorseful but served him a divorce letter and wouldn't stop bragging about how wealthy her new boyfriend was. Not only that, Clara's new boyfriend, Felix, also slapped Adam and offered him money, if he would lick his feet and beg for forgiveness, not knowing Adam was a Prince, who hid his identity just to find a true love. Watch how he takes revenge on his wife's family and those that humiliated him in the past. “Forgive us, Your Highness” They apologized, but it was already late.

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The Wedding Anniversary
Adam walked into the house with a smile on his face, also holding a large box in his hands, he was wearing a delivery man's uniform, he was working as a delivery man in a restaurant. Adam closed the door behind him and dropped the gift he had bought to give his wife on the table first. He quickly went to his room to change his clothes into one of the neatest clothes he had, a butter-colored shirt and black trousers. He's going to prepare the candle night inside their room, he would close her eyes with his hands romantically and show the surprise. Adam took the candles and began to light them. He opened the box he had brought in earlier and brought out the bottles of expensive champagne and glasses. He placed them on the table, as also the food he had bought. Furthermore, he bought a new set of plates and cutlery, served the food, and set up the table. Adam took the box away and kept it aside. It's their wedding anniversary today, and he was going to surprise his wife. He had plann
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A bucket of water, poured on Adam, jerked him away from his unconscious state. He opened his eyes blurry to see Emily and Aria glaring at him.“Mom, I can't believe this idiot slept for this long. How dare he sleep to the extent that he couldn't prepare breakfast for me! This is seven, for goodness' sake, and I'm already late for work. How would I leave home without my favorite coffee? Fuck!” She yelled at Adam, ranting at the same time.“Hey! Get up!” Emily uttered.Adam's eyes became clear, though he was feeling a headache and his body was paining him, he groaned in pain.Still in pain, he tried to stand on his feet.He noticed that Emily and Aria were dressed to go out, that was also when he recalled the misery incident that happened, which made him lose consciousness.“Clara!” He mumbled with a broken voice.“Fuck! I hate you! Idiot!” Aria spat on him, vacating the house in annoyance.“Gosh! You keep giving me a headache every day, I'm fucking tired of you. You are so dumb to even
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Adam checked the documents, and they were indeed divorce papers. He couldn't believe she would want to end their marriage. They loved each other for these two years. How could she give up so easily? Many women have poor husbands, and they stand by them for years, and have kids who might bring success to them? “I can't believe you are being serious, Clara, we love each other, remember?” Adam reminded her and tried grabbing her arms, but she moved back. “Don't you dare lay your filthy hands on me,” Clara warned sternly. “Sign the darn divorce papers already” Clara yelled impatiently. “I don't think you are in your right mind, you are drunk, or I think you're drugged” Adam muttered, fighting back his tears, everything seemed so surreal to him. “Where were you throughout yesterday? A bar right?? A bar is a dangerous place, there are different kinds of people there, Mafia, drug addicts, perverts, are you sure you haven't been hypnotized?” Adam asked foolishly. “Hypnotized, I won't wa
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Back Home
Adam turned back with his eyes shooting daggers at them.“Hey! You don't need to stare at me like that!” Felix scoffed at him.“My love, go bring your things out please, I can't wait anymore,” Felix said shamelessly, facing Clara.Clara smooched his lips and smiled.“There is nothing here to take, I was just joking when I said there was something to take, like you wouldn't want me to take the rags, this idiot brought me to your beautiful mansion and fix in your golden wardrobe. Baby, I'm sure you wouldn't that” Clara uttered.“That's better, I don't want bugs in my house either,” Felix said with a smirk. Adam had never seen any person as disgraceful as these two standing in front of him, they were both disgraceful. Clara faced Adam, still with a disdainful and irritated look. “Remember to go to the divorce center tomorrow, so we can both complete the divorce process. I want this marriage done and dusted, I want it to be over like it never even started or even existed,” Clara remin
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His Highness
The next morning, Adam flung his eyes open, inhaled, and looked around, he imagined that he just had a dream. Adam stood up and strode tiredly to his room, he noticed that he was sleeping on a huge white colored bed. He knew he wasn't dreaming, but had fully returned to the palace.Adam sighed, a knock came on the door, and he walked out of his room to the door. He opened it to see Rohan,his personal assistant. “Rohan,” Adam smiled. “Good morning, my prince” Rohan greeted and bowed respectfully to Adam. Adam paved the way for him, and he walked in, five other men walked in with items in their hands. “Good morning, your highness”“We have to dress you up and prepare you for the ball, " Rohan smiled, with his eyes lowered. “You mean the reunion tonight” Adam muttered, there was going to be a reunion tonight rather than a grand welcome party where he was going to be officially welcomed back to the palace.He left the palace three years ago, when his father approached him to go out
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Hospital Palava
After a few minutes, the divorce was concluded, Adam didn't feel happy that his marriage was going to end like that but at least he was free from the burden of being with a woman who had hated him and detested him so much that she did not mind how much she could hurt him with her actions, if he wasn't a strong hearted person, he would even attempt committing suicide because last night was the most traumatizing moments of his life, it was like a nightmare that didn't want to end. Adam walked out of the court and his guards followed, Rohan was right behind him, he was elated that his boss was free from such a detestable woman, he would love for his boss to meet a better woman that would treat him right. Clara ran after them, still crying “Adam, Adam” Adam didn't even care to spare her a glance, the guard widened the door open and Adam entered, he closed the door, and the guards retired into the cars. “Adam, please listen to me, I apologize for what I did to you last night, everythin
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Employment Terminations
After conversing for a while with his father, he left the hospital, not without checking the dramatic couple, but the man was still unconscious, and the report said he might enter coma.“The wife will know his worth when he enters coma, and she has to hustle for the family” he assumed.“I need to branch at Yummy's Restaurant. That's where I was working as a delivery man. I need to tell the manager that I'm done working with him so that he won't be waiting for me” he told Rohan after they left the hospital.“Noted, your highness” Rohan answered.After some minutes, they arrived at the restaurant.Adam instructed Rohan to stay behind, since resigning doesn't take long, and he had nothing that to discuss with the manager.On reaching there, it was already the lunchtime and the place was already crowded.“Hello Darren, I have something to tell you and I don't want to stay long” he approached the restaurant manager.“This isn't the right time for whatever rubbish that you might want to say
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Readiness to Take Over
Aria kept trembling. She has always informed her friends about how lucky she was to be working at the Royal's Hotel. It was a privilege for her to be working with the royal families.Where would she start from? Won't she be mocked? Though she had hoped to work in her late father's company, the pay was lesser than that of the Royal's Hotel.But is that possible for Adam to be the prince? How on earth is that even possible? She immediately unlocked her phone and started Browsing for his pictures. As the prince, his pictures were supposed to be on the internet but she was wrong.All she found was his name, Prince Adam Anderson but there was no picture of him.There are numerous people with the same names right?Adam must be joking! He can't be! He only did that to scare her. A prince would stoop so low to be walking as a delivery man and still ask for his Salary after humiliation.What about the car and the driver? Well, that might just be a plan.Aria composers herself,took a deep brea
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The Mafia's heir
After making the call to the unknown number, Felix zoomed off from Clara's house. There was no essence of waiting when they wouldn't come outside to see him and the door was locked, which prevented him from going inside the house.On entering his father's house, he noticed his father's car. He was shocked but managed to hide it.His father wasn't the type that paid him a visit, else it was a business related meeting.What is happening? Why can't he wait for me in the office like he always did? The last time that he came to my house didn't end well, why is he here again?Those were the questions that were running inside his head.He saw his father's driver, who greeted him with a bow but Felix ignored him and went inside. It wasn't a new thing that his father knew the passcode to his apartment.He opened the door to see his father sipping from the glass of wine he was holding and his face was cold as usual."I wasn't expecting you to be here" Felix uttered, sitting opposite his father.
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Internal Enemies
Adam was inside his room with his three dressing servants that were in charge of his dressing when Rohan knocked then entered the room.Adam was already dressed for the reunion. He was glaring at himself inside the mirror. Both his highschool and college days were boring. He studied outside the country, where no one knew his identity and he was not allowed to tell about him. That was how his father raised him, Adam and his step sister, Sofia."It's almost ready,'' Rohan announced and used his finger to signal to the three servants to vacate the room.Adam kept staring at himself. He took a deep breath before turning to face Rohan."How do I look?" He asked."Perfect, your highness" Rohan truthfully answered.Adam smirked before he proceeded in removing his suit jacket, leaving him with the white t-shirt."I think this is good enough" He uttered, smiling satisfyingly about his dressing."It's still good but it would have been perfect if you wore your suit jacket back" Rohan advised."R
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