From Useless To Indispensable

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From Useless To Indispensable

By: MoonlightOfure OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"Everyone who has belittled you will bow before you!" Chris, a struggling college student, desperately grappled with the weight of his late father's debt. His world crumbled as he faced the daunting task of repaying it, not knowing where to begin. Adding to his misery, his girlfriend heartlessly ended their long-time relationship during their graduation ceremony and hastily married a wealthy man days later. To Chris's astonishment, the very man she married to bow down before Chris and addressed him as "boss" in the presence of his newly wedded wife—Chris girlfriend.

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  • Tuoyo Mani


    pheeeew... After several search, I've finally found a book on Meganovel I can sit back and follow up! The story is nice, I wept at the scene by the grave where Chris's Granddad met with him.. It's a must read for e everyone.. please Author, kindly update frequently ... . can't wait ...

    2024-02-24 03:53:45
  • omolafefelicia2021


    I'm giving this novel five stars, cause why not? I'm falling in love with Chris story. I want to see hin become successful ...️...️

    2024-01-28 07:28:11
  • Zoya Dmitrovka


    Woaahh, you're my Boo! You're totally talented, Dear....

    2024-01-17 08:32:32
  • Author Keepright X


    this is a nice book highly recommended

    2024-01-05 22:58:12


    Wow, this is an interesting book. Highly recommended.

    2023-11-15 03:25:05
  • Chukwuemeka_101


    This book is a potential bestseller. it's just insanely interesting. recommended for everyone

    2023-11-12 04:42:13
  • Sage


    Epic, I love it. but why I didn't give it a full five star is, firstly, the grammatical errors. aside that, it is awesome ......

    2024-01-14 04:17:55
  • Sophia Yomere


    this book was recommended to me by a friend and I don't regret reading it ...

    2023-12-20 17:40:39
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98 chapters
Son Of A Debtor
"Breaking news, the pauper's father is dead." The news spread like wildfire during the graduation ceremony as all the graduating students turned to mock Chris.Chris just sat still, his hands trembling. He couldn't believe his father would pass away with so much debt at hand. How would his father be so cruel to die without paying his debt? This was the peak of it all, the beginning of Chris's suffering. He bore the numerous laughter and mockery from his colleagues as they knew how his father was a debtor."Chris, how would you be able to pay such a huge amount of money that your father owed before he died?" A tall girl said, directing her gaze to Chris as the other eyes followed in unison as they waited for Chris's reply.That latter, however, didn't know what to do or what to say, he used his eyes to scan through the hall in search of Liana but she was nowhere to be found.Has she found out about his father's death?His colleagues couldn't bear his silence as one of them walked up t
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Thick And Thin
"Liana, what's going on?" Chris asked with a shaky voice. He tried to speak further because he was more than confused and was betrayed by his voice.The others had their camera on, Liana gestured to her lover, the son of the wealthiest man in college, to come closer and he did.She held his necktie motioned him to lean closer and sealed his lips in a short kiss that startled everyone in the hall and Chris was exempted.This was all happening in his presence. Liana is kissing another man in his presence. Chris's knees weakend as he wished for the ground to open up and swallow him as he didn't deserve the cruel treatment he was receiving."Everyone, listen. This man standing beside me is my fiance. We've been seeing each other for the past two years and Chris is not even an option." Liana declared to her colleagues.Gasps and whispers filled the air. Her announcement broke Chris to the core. The latter was stunned speechless. He didn't know what to do, he didn't know how to react to wha
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Chris's mouth instinctively opened in awe as the man before he addressed him as his "son"."I beg your pardon." Chris narrowed his gaze at the man, his voice calm yet firm, etched with curiosity.The man snapped his fingers in the air and a man in black approached Chris, handing over to him a business card."I'm your grandfather, Christopher Valgar." The man informed as he mentioned Chris's full name. A smile plastered across his face, that sent shivers down Chris's spine.Chris glanced at the card and saw the man's name boldly written on it and his photo beside it. His gaze was fixed on the man's surname, it was familiar."My grandfather?" He muttered to himself. The man nodded. "I'm your grandfather, the father of your deceased mother." That's it!It all made sense now, no wonder his surname looked familiar. "You're my grandfather?" Chris looked up to the man who smirked as he walked up to Chris patting his back."Yes."Chris narrowed his gaze at him and pushed the man's hands of
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Horrible Human
Chris's eyes widened in awe as he saw the woman in his arms was no other person than Liana. He immediately let go of her as she regained her posture and stood back on her feet with a mockery gaze tinted on her face. "Surprised aren't you?" Liana smiled at him, slapping him across his shoulders and Chris was quick to dust it off. He adjusted his gaze from her as all the humiliations he had faced in the graduation ceremony flashed in his head. He rolled his eyes as he threw shades at the smiley woman standing before him.Seeing that he didn't respond to her question, Liana proceeded with the talking. "About what happened at the ceremony, it's supposed to happen and you can't blame me for not being faithful, blame yourself for being poor." She said a scowling look on her face as she kissed her teeth.Chris just stood still, his eyes twitching at her statement. Was it supposed to happen? Chris was dumbfounded. He didn't know what to do but to walk past her as he unknowingly stepped on
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Her Wedding
Chris was in his late father's house when he received a call from an unknown number. The latter was sitting on the old and only couch in the sitting room, with his legs crossed as he gazed up to the ceiling, resting his back on the couch, a lot of thoughts ran through his head, unanswered questions that had failed to be answered. The call jolted him back to reality as he took his small cell phone, frowning at the unknown ID.Chris knew now wasn't the time to play funny games or joke with anyone. He declined the call and dropped the phone beside him but seconds later, the call came again, from the same person.With a sigh, Chris reluctantly answered the call, not making a sound as a familiar voice resounded in his ears."Son, don't know what day it is?" "Huh?" Chris's eyes widened in shock as he remembered this voice belonged to his grandfather whom he met at the cemetery where his father was buried. And by what day is it, what did he mean?"Grand... grandfather, I didn't know the c
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Borrowed Luxury
The wedding was going on smoothly, Liana seemed happy but her countenance was unreadable. Her husband stood beside her as they addressed the congregation. Everyone cheered and they were happy for the newlyweds.Chris stood by the doorway, darkness surrounding him as he walked further to stand amidst the congregation. Liana's gaze locked with his, sending shivers down his spine but Chris was not bothered as he watched the woman he had loved dearly get married in his presence and she had no shame and also invited him to her wedding with his shamelessly attended.Both of them lack shame.Chris was dressed in a black tailored suit alongside black shoes that one could easilp see their reflection on. He stood tall amidst the crowd as no one was able to recognize him but his eyes met with the colleagues who mocked and cursed him after his father died leaving him his debt to pay.He smirked at the sight of the happy couple but he knew something was off with Liana. The latter was faking a smil
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Richard saw the commotion going on. He found his newly wedded wife beside the man who shared a resemblance with the man in the photo. He saw how his wife was pointing fingers at him and laughing. The others weren't exempted even the people who didn't know him before joined in the laughter. This made Richard shudder even more."How am I going to handle this?" He asked rubbing his temple in frustration as he started biting his fingernails. Richard gazed at his phone one more time, seeing the photo and the man who was being humiliated made him go weak on his knees. "What should I do now? Liana is a deep trouble."His best man, Larry, saw Richard's shaking figure from afar. He knew things weren't going well with the latter as he approached him making Richard startled."Gosh, you startled me," Richard said in shock."What's the matter? Why are the seats empty? Your mother-in-law and the others are waiting for you and your bride in the room." Larry informed. He focused his gaze on the congr
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The Boss
"You can't humiliate my boss in my presence." Were the words that came out of Richard's mouth leaving Liana completely dumbfounded. "What? Your boss?" Liana asked in disbelief.Chris stood there frozen, he tried to mask his confusion with a smirk on his face as he was the one to mock Liana with a mockery smile on his face. Liana almost lost it as she tried to make her husband get up but he pushed her away for the second time."I'm so sorry, sir. I didn't recognize you on the day of the graduation ceremony. Please accept my apology, boss." Richard bowed.Everyone gasped.Liana's mother came out of the room after waiting patiently for the bride and the groom and they didn't show up, she decided to come get them herself."What's going on here?" She asked, angry etched in her face.Liana went to meet her mother, her hands trembling and her legs threatened to cut off. Her movements weren't stable until her mother helped her posture."Mother, can you see what Richard is doing? He's bowing
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Bad News
Days passed and Chris didn't hear from either his grandfather or his ex-girlfriend including her husband.He remembered vividly what happened on the day of her wedding when his secret identity was revealed. While listening to some calm songs, he swiveled the wine glass in his hand and had a sip when his doorbell rang.Chris tiredly stood up from his seat, dropping the wine glass on the small stool in front of him. He thought of moving to his grandfather's mansion but he decided to give it some time as he was displeased with staying in this small house when he had a great identity.He opened the door, only to find a package on the ground. "Did grandfather send another luxurious suit? What's the occasion now?" Chris rolled his eyes as he took the package, placing it on the floor beside him as he continued sipping from the wine glass while sitting on the couch.While thinking about what happened during the wedding, he couldn't help but smile to himself. "So that's what the old man meant
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Low-class Cult Group
Before Liana hung up, she urged Chris to open the package she sent but Chris was reluctant. He didn't narrate to her what transpired between him and Richard as he was in a hurry to hang up.He dropped his phone on the ground, heaving a sigh as his eyes met with the package. Chris stood up and walked to where he kept the package, the package looked suspicious so he had to stand his ground and he took it and placed it on the stool, beads of sweat formed on his head as his hands shook while he was trying to open it."Hope it's something good." He muttered inwardly.With his eyes closed, Chris opened that package, but immediately he was about to get a glance at its content, the buzzing sound of his phone disrupted his motive.The caller id was unknown but when he answered the phone, his grandfather's voice resounded in his ears."Christopher, you need to move out of that house." The old man's voice was loud and firm.Chris face palmed himself as he sighed in frustration. "Why the rush, s
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