To summon Dolly, at times it was enough just to get a bag of coins outside the craftsmen's building or storage. This greedy NPC materialized near me almost instantly, even if before that she was on the other side of the town.

So I was not surprised that as soon as I got a fat wallet in the temple, a voice immediately sounded near me:

“Young man, I see that you still decided to come for guidance.

“Yes, mister priest, I need magic-type skills,” I answered, looking up at the NPC that appeared.

– Choose: money or very, very difficult tasks in the forbidden temple for at least three months?

“You haven’t suggested a skill yet.

- I won't offer. I will reward. I may be a clergyman, but as a magician I am much higher than you can imagine. But that's why I prefer money.

- Can I have both a task and a paid skill? I decided to clarify.

- Need. Money and money. And then somehow you go with your wives at your leisure and complete the task.

Does that mean I don't have a choice?

– For the glory of th
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