Path of the spiritual warrior

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Path of the spiritual warrior

By: Alpha OngoingSystem

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The outbreak of a global nuclear war made life on Earth impossible . Humans fled to outer space to survive. After more than 300 years, humans decided to return to Planet Earth. Although they found that the earth's environment had become livable, it was not as safe as before, as the earth had undergone very great changes, and the animal had evolved into super monsters whose strength exceeded the logic of humans. Although humanity survived by hiding in the last safe zones they built, humans had to face huge mutated terrible monsters. Later on, the emergence of the concept of spiritual energy improved people's lives and they became able to defend themselves by harnessing this spiritual energy. These people became called spiritual warrior. Harry Samuel, a young man growing up in those troubled times, was given a system to help him to walk the path of the strongest spiritual warrior.

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chapter 1 : the beginning of the end
Year 2611, within the territory of the continent of Tulip It was a complex-shaped flying vehicle flying at a high speed On this spacecraft there is a strange symbol of black wings with the words "Airlines" written below. Airline is the name of the largest company in the Tulip continent, specialized in transportation between cities and countries located within the Tulip continent, because of the life-threatening risks in uninhabited places. Humans resorted to using anti-gravity compounds that were the result of merging technology with spiritual energy. Inside this vehicle, which was carrying more than 600 people. Inside one of the paid rooms stood a man in his twenties with short blue hair and a goatee beard The man was wearing a black military-like uniform with the emblem of the Tulip Continent which had seven swords crossed together at one point “Dear!, why are you here!?” A woman spoke in her mid-twenties with bright black hair that matched her deep black eyes. She was ver
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chapter 2 : sacrifice , part 1
The first to attack was the Phoenix, which sent its giant claws blazing with fire towards Mike, who also responded with a punch enhanced by his ability. Boom!! The first collision was in favor of the Phoenix, as Mike was sent flying hundreds of meters back. As he managed to stabilize his body in mid-air, he saw that the Phoenix was preparing to launch another attack. He didn't hesitate any longer, activating his power to the limit, before flying at a moderate speed towards the phoenix that released another sea of ​​scarlet flames. hum!! Mike was in the midst of the sea of ​​crimson fire, he didn't have enough time to avoid her attack and also because he was so focused on activating one of his ability skills, both his speed and reaction speed were weak. He walked out of the scarlet flames, with only a slight injury, had it not been for the protection of his body by the Spiritual Energy Shield that he had created at the last moment, he would have been seriously injured, the tem
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chapter 3 : sacrifice part 2
Mike landed on the ground and said in a hurried tone “You guys... left the place immediately…” He turned to Smith and said as he watched the wolves that were running to their location “Smith, tell me, how long will it take for the backup forces to arrive!?” Smith frowned and replied in a puzzled voice "I-I...I don't know, but probably in about half an hour they'll be here..." "Shit ! , damn..." Mike kicked the floor angrily. He advanced to his wife's side, who was looking at him anxiously, and said while hugging her. "Don't worry, my dear, everything will be fine. I will save you and Harry, even if it means giving up my life." Alice patted his back and said "Don't say that, if you go I don't know what to do without you..." hum!! "Commander..." Mike looked at Adam before looking back at where he was pointing “Damn, I didn’t expect her to complete her transformation so quickly…” A column of crimson flames pierced the sky, even the clouds disappeared, or rather evaporate
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chapter 4 : sacrifice part 3
Tears flowed from his eyes, feelings of frustration, anger and despair were controlling him. Boom!! A huge explosion occurred from the side where Smith and the others were, the explosion was so powerful that Mike felt the ground tremble. This explosion of desperation only increased when he was about to succumb to the feelings of despair, his eyes regained some hope when he heard Alice's weak voice on the other side via his bracelet. “Honey, . . . cough, . . . . .” "D-dear, what happened!? Are you okay!?.." Mike poured tons of questions at Alice. “Cough, Smith and Mateo blew their self off , and took the wolf down. The rest are all dead. Even me , I don’t have much time. If it wasn’t for Adam’s protection, I’d be dead , I’m seriously injured. Even my healing ability can’t heal me "" If I persist, I risk losing the baby... Cough, cough..." The words got stuck in Mike's throat, his mind was a mess, he didn't know what to say at this moment, he couldn't hold back the tears from
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chapter 5 : destined to meet . . .
A quarter of an hour passed like this. Roar !! A wolf of the same type that attacked Mike and the rest appeared, apparently this wolf belonged to the herd that Mike had killed, because he went to the body of the herd leader and tried to move it with his head, but to no avail, the herd leader was dead. The wolf raised its head high to the sky and howled loudly. His nose moved strangely, it seemed that he was able to smell something. This type of wolf had an innate ability, which is that they can smell life miles away from their place. The wolf came out of the hole and followed the scent until it came to Harry's location He was steps away from Harry but fortunately, he stopped in place after he heard a loud sound coming from the sky. A spaceship appeared in the form of an eagle-like fighter. The door opened and three people got out. A middle-aged woman and two men, one of whom was a tall man in his forties with a black beard, short black hair, and a hideous scar below his righ
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chapter 6 : after 17 years old
after 17 years old... it was 10/02/2628 , Sunlight illuminated the barren land of yermo city, adding a glimmer of vitality to this small town outside the safe zone. When one stood in the dirt field in the giant cleft of yermo city, the faint outlines of the huge mountains could be seen. According to the words of the ancients, that mountain is one of the pillars of this world, and that is why it managed to survive the accident that changed the earth 300 years ago." Zephyr 78 newtons, passing .. . " "Isaac... 102 Newtons excellent as usual, passing." "Brian is 56 Newtons, barely passing..." "Sofia is 89 Newtons, very good passes..." "Taylor, 90 Newtons..." "Jasmine 51 Newton..." "Harry, 119 Newtons, excellent, excellent,you didn't disappoint me as usual passing..." On the flat training ground that was built out of black and red soil, a good-looking young man with short brown hair, wearing a black jagged jacket punched his fist at a training target, causing a group of cheers
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chapter 7 : system awakening
The cave behind the school was where Harry usually practiced martial arts. Once he arrived, he headed straight for the broken wooden stake in the middle of the cave and hit it. One punch, two punch, three punch... Harry didn't know how many punches he had thrown. His strength was depleted by the frantic frenzy of his fists All those years of bitter hard work could not even be compared to a vial of medicine. This setback made Harry feel indescribably sad. Despite this grief, what made him feel so bad was his inability to turn things around. If he took a bottle of Body Forging Medicine, his strength would rise to another level entirely. But how could he obtain a vial of Body Forging Medicine This was impossible , 100,000 Rai, an amount that his family wouldn't be able to obtain even in 100 years. He was without a mother or a father, even the man who was like his father died years ago and left him with a little sister in order to provide for them. Harry was working so hard and
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chapter 8 : the monster race invasion part 1
"I'm back! " Harry said as he took off his worn-out shoes in the doorway of the humble house. The house was small, with one room, a bathroom, and a small kitchen, barely enough for two people to live in. "Oh! Brother, you're back!" A little girl about 12 years old came out, with bright red hair tied in a ponytail and a round white face. The little girl looked a lot like her father. Michael is the person who adopted Harry and raised him as his own son, and also did not hide from him that he was an adopted son and that his real parents died during the attack of a level A monster This was one of the reasons why he had such an intense hatred against monsters. Harry smiled until his white teeth showed and said while putting the events of the day behind his back “Amber, how was school today!? Did anyone bully my beautiful sister!!” Amber shook her head in denial before raising her arm and patting the muscles that weren't there “No one dares to bully me, as you can see your sister i
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chapter 9 : the monster race invasion part 2
a few minutes ago The city center of yermo, which was the opposite of the neighborhood where Harry resides, far ahead of the neighborhood of buildings, where there are several skyscrapers of strange design, the city center was lively even at 23:00, passers-by were walking with their families or loved ones. While everyone was immersed in their own world, above the sky was filled with dark clouds. A giant red bird, it was flapping its six wings creating a draft of air strong enough to demolish several buildings The red bird was steadily floating above the city sky, on its back were several people Almost all of them had some animal characteristics In the foreground was a beautiful woman, with long black hair that looked like silk Wearing a white-striped gray uniform, her sexy body curves were prominent. “The human race is truly creative…” A sound of sigh filled the sky, the woman with her blue eyes stared down at the lively city before turning to look to the side. She opened her
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chapter 10 : 3 abilities
Back when he was running away, he remembered something that made him change his plans a bit. He continued walking toward the academy, ignoring the destruction in the area, but when he passed in front of one of the houses that had been completely destroyed, feelings of sadness flashed within his eyes. This was the home of one of his closest friends, he sighed in frustration and then continued his run ****** After running for a while, he reached his point and looked with a complex expression at the ruined academy's gate that was its symbol. He could hear the sound of shouting and fighting coming from the academy, his facial expression changed when he saw three masters he knew well fighting what seemed to be a monkey with gray fur. The ape was four meters tall and seemed to have human-like intelligence. He knew very well that the three masters were actually C level spirit fighters However, they were at a disadvantage against the monkey. He took this opportunity and crept into th
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