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By: Illo OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Iriasu is a half-Japanese boy that moved away from Japan when he was very young, due to mental problems and personal problems Iriasu wants to return back to his roots and experience high-school there but he is unable to, he isn't used to live in Japan but he wanted to go there since he was a kid, he could only see Japan only through images and tales from his dad. Thankfully a once in a life time chance came to Iriasu that allowed him to travel to Japan. Will the boy make the most of his 3 year experience there?

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  • Illo


    The series is super entertaining and very realistic, it doesn't have many repetitive characters and the protagonist is very entertaining, it's a must read for people that want to read a unique slice of life book

    2022-11-19 04:04:54
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The first step
Why did my life end up like that? I can assure you that when I was younger I was the star of the school, people idolized me and liked me to the point that they would copy my habits and way of talking, I was this liked. But when did things change? People may say when I started to stop trying at school, others may say that happened because I stopped caring about people's opinions, but I know damn well why I lost this title, the answer is because of envy and pride. You see people started getting envious of my "fame" and "power" when we entered junior high, people started to downplay me, with a low-key pace, I always thought that those reactions were normal, we all changed, but back then I was wrong, I was naïve, it didn't take long for people to form groups that didn't include me, I didn't really care since we are all friends at the end of the day right? WRONG! People just couldn't stand me after school started, but as a stupid person I didn't understand that, I kept thinking everything
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Yusuke High
Good morning to me, today is a new day and specifically, it is Saturday, I got up and went to brush my teeth, looks like my aunt has already brushed hers since the sink is dripping a single drop of water once in a while, I brushed my teeth while brushing them I could see myself in the mirror, my brown hair and bright brown eyes, besides my bright eyes nothing else makes me seem like a foreigner, after washing my teeth I walked to the living room, where she was "Good morning Iriasu-chan, did you sleep well?" why is she still calling me Iriasu-chan? to be honest I never understood all these things about honorifics but now that I'm in Japan I can't afford to call anyone by their first names, if I do they will probably be weirded out "Morning Hikita, do we have food, or should I make something?" I asked, she ignored my question, she was more focused on the way I said her name "Iriasu-chan I know that we are family but if it's possible call me Hikita-chan or san" "Sorry about that! I'
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Lacking materials
After I stormed out of the school I went home, the books won't buy themselves, I also have to buy pencils, erasers, pens, and other basic necessities for a high school student, the way back is peaceful, nothing like before, I arrived home safely and I went to brag to my aunt about her past self "Oi Hikita-san I heard that you used to be a gyaru girl, mind explaining to me? I want to learn the full story" When I told her that my aunt became embarrassed, I could tell by her reactions "How did you learn that? Did Yosuke tell you? I swear I will kill this bastard one day" she said angrily, her face turned exactly like the face she had in the picture Yosuke showed me, I laughed "You don't have to tell me if you don't want, I know that everyone goes through a weird phase in their lives" My aunt got mad and threw me a pillow while telling me to stop teasing her, but I don't think I can stop myself in the future, my aunt has a very funny reaction when she gets embarrassed, I then went in
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Unpleasant date/ First day
Currently, Yua and I are sitting at a table waiting for our food, I ordered a cheeseburger, I didn't pay much attention but I think Yua ordered a big double hamburger, I think she likes the burgers here "So... You are Domic's son? I didn't expect such a wonderful man to have such a brute son but what can you do? Life can be unfair at some times" She told me with an annoyed expression "You don't even know me and you are just assuming things, isn't this a bit bad?" "Bad? And almost killing me isn't bad?" Here we go again "As I told you before it was a simple accident, and please don't act like that, people won't like you if you treat them like this" "Like what? I don't treat anyone like this, I speak like this to low-life animals" I should have left when I had my chance "Well if you really think of me like that then why don't you just leave? Nobody is forcing you to stay here" I told her while glaring at her, she wasn't so happy "You offered to treat me and now you are telling m
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First days are tough
I was handed a paper not after a minute after entering this class, this paper was different, it contained some very weird question1. Do you consider yourself a good person?This was the first question, my test had an English version of the question and a Japanese one so I checked Yua's paper and to my surprise she didn't have the English version, coming from an English-speaking country it's only natural to have a version like that "Why are you peeking? That's a personal test so there is nothing worth cheating"Yua said as she glared at me, I quickly turned to my paper and started completing it, for the first question I answered with2. Are you the type to defend yourself by using violence?Kind of a weird thing to ask but I still answered truthfully3. What are the plans you have for the future? / if you don'
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Domic the crusher
After I raised my hand the boy grabbed me by my shirt and slammed me into the wall, all of the eyes were on us "Do you think you are tough buddy?" the boy asked me with aggression, he was clearly mad "I don't know what I did to make you angry, but I'm sorry?" I said in a lighter tone, I didn't want to seem aggressive toward him "You know damn well what you did! Apologize to Yosuke-chan right now! She is the little sister of my friend so I won't let you treat her this way!" the boy yelled at me, some of his spit landed on my uniform and face, it smelled like coffee, disgusting "Did she come crying to you telling you that I hit her or something? Because if you want to know she insulted me all day every day and now she is sad that I merely pointed out her underperformance?" I asked him with a straight face, I saw Yua's head peep from outside of the classroom while I spoke to him "I don't care what you have to say! Apologize to her NOW or things are going to get nasty for you" He
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Characters' Chapter 1!
Welcome everyone, this is a special chapter I do every time with my novels! These chapters are mostly meant for YOU the reader, they serve as a tool for me to explain to you the characters and tell you some fun facts about the series, so lay back and enjoy the casual read! Iriasu: he is a brown-haired boy with sharp brown eyes, eyes so sharp that can make someone instantly feel hostility towards him, but despite his hostile eyes, Iriasu is a very friendly and relaxed person, he enjoys his music, his walks, and his hobbies, he is your average high-schooler but his grades are top-notch, and like his father, he too is an overachiever at most things he does but he makes sure to be humble about it, he is 176cm or 5'7ft and as for his birthday, he was born at 7th of October (7/10) he is 15 years old Yuoku Hikita: she is the aunt of Iriasu and the sister-in-law of Iriasu's father, Yuoku is a pretty lady that works for a massive company in Japan, she has hazel eyes that change color dependin
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Off the hook/ What's that look for?
I patiently waited for my aunt to come home and after a quick nap she was quick to arrive, I was sitting in the garage inspecting my motorcycle, when she found me lazing around she looked disappointed"Get ready to leave, I want you to explain everything there!"Hikita told me as her look of disappointment slowly turned into a wild glare, I expected her to be harsher than that, I waited 2 minutes and she then came into the garage, she applied some make-up and came back"Get in we are leaving!"I quickly got in without saying a word, on our way to school my aunt didn't say anything"Are you not mad at me?"I asked thinking about what I did"I am not as mad as you expected right? To be honest, I'm not the one that has to be mad, I'm simply your aunt, you probably have to worry more about how your father will react"She told me, I'm still a little confused, I know that I don't know Hikita that much but I expected to be a little bit mad"Oh but I have one thing to say..."before I could a
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Please sTop thiS Discrimination
Turns out my aunt's friend's name was Akira, we talked about ourselves and found out we are not so much different, we both played games and we both like to work out, he even suggested me a gym near Nagano, a friend of his runs the gym so the place won't feel very un-familiar, Hikita seemed to gave me a look of anger every time I looked at her, honestly, it starting to get a little creepy, after a not so enjoyable time the music stopped and the musicians thanked everyone that came to hear them and in the end, they started promoting their workplace, shortly after they left"Do you want to head to a place I know or is it becoming too late for you?"Akira asked us"No it's totally alright, we are free all day so if you have time to hand out then so do we"Hikita told him with a sweet smile, isn't her other series playing at 7:30 P.M? She will skip that to spend a day with a "friend"? Yeah right, but if she says she is nothing more than that then who am I to assume?"Hey, Iriasu-chan! Akir
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Complete silence...
When I woke up my morning routine was the same as all the other days, get up, brush my teeth, eat something light, take important things with me and leave, but before I left I woke up Hikita and then left, I didn't want to face her after how she treated me yesterday and I think she doesn't either so leaving immediately was probably the best for both of us. After getting up on my bike and leaving I once again saw multiple people heading to school, they looked at me a bit weird, they probably didn't notice that I noticed them since I was wearing a helmet that covered my whole face and also had a black tinned glass, this helmet was something I bought for myself, I always wanted to wear a helmet but I didn't find anything on Biol so I one day I ordered a cool one I saw on the internet and all I can say is that I fell in love with itWhen I arrived at the schoolyard with my motorcycle everybody was looking at me and whispering, I'm not the best at reading the room but it's pretty obvious t
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