"Stand by me and I by you."

    A part of him was glad and the other was numb. He didn't know what feeling that was. It did seem as though he was some specimen and had been made to be dueled over by some two arms. He wasn't so sure about it. He wanted to be. He wanted to make meaning of it. That was all that did seem best. Other things didn't seem to be what it was. Twas more than great. He could feel it. He couldn't be sure if he was actually telling himself a lie or was putting up with the truth. He wasn't even so sure what the truth was. He did wish that he would be able to figure out. He did wish for that the millions of things. He had no idea which one would have the best part of him. He did have no idea which would be the best pull of the whole fate. He was trying to sieve. That was also one of the towering feelings he could never toss aside. He did know that no matter he did want to go things wouldn't be what they were. H

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