The Capture Targets Escort Knight

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The Capture Targets Escort Knight

By: Miss_Dreamer CompletedFantasy

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I am Just a not-so-normal teenage girl who everyone thought was perfect in all way but the truth was I was only a tool---a puppet to both my father and mother, HE needed me for fame and praise, to have something to boast about infront of everyone and SHE needed me to have others pity and for my father's love.... But I ended up pushing myself off a tallest building in the whole city--the skyscraper, before I hit the ground god seemed to have taken a liking in me and liked to see me suffer even more..... I got reborn in the body of Seraphina Charlotte, A simple mob character in the novel named "the Palace internal affair" which revolve around the heroine and the 6 prince of the kingdom. I got reborn to be yet again a puppet to both my mother and father, Seraphina knew very well that she's a puppet and no one really loved her so She accidentally tripped and her head smashed against a rock, which ended seraphina's life and now I'm here... After getting reborn to a 10 years-old child's body, I began my journey in this world as a puppet and ended up as the male leads escort knight... Despite having 'charlotte' as my family name which means 'free man' I never got freedom, it's the one thing I don't have but desperately want and needed, even in my last life.

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48 chapters
Chap 1: Last life
I was good---No perfect in everything I do, my grades was exceptional, I don't lack beauty, I have wealth, fame and talents.My father was the CEO boss of a big techno company and my mother was and still a very famous and talented actress, which explained how she can pretend to love and care for me like a perfect and dotting mother in public--specifically infront of the camera.At the age of 5 people already started to call me as a prodigy, I created an advance robotic for my father---By accident!, And played beautifully in flute, guitar, piano, saxophone, and my vocal singing was also top-notch.I top every test since I was in kindergarten---always a perfect score, I was a star player in the soccer and basketball team in my school, named as the 'queen' or 'beauty of the east' by the media for being the most beautifulest person in the whole eastern part of our country.I've been living my life like that for many years as far as I could remember, I'm currently 18 years old, having my m
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Chap 2: Seraphina Charlotte
"wake up" A voice of a woman filled with coldness and indifference have called out to me, I have always been a light sleeper so even the most tiniest noise can wake me up.I sat up, my body feeling weird, I caught my reflection in the mirror sitting on the bedside table, An old western style bed, sky blue painted walls and a white thick blanket, Before I could turn back to the mirror my attention caught yet another surprise."Your awake, good, The viscount is coming here today for his annual monthly visit, get dressed" A woman who had the beauty far more superior then my mother's, oceanic blue hair and blue eyes who stared at me with nothing but disgust.After saying that she didn't even turned back before walking out of the room, leaving me in utter silence, grabbing the mirror from the bedside table and there I saw an unfamiliar yet familiar face...The same oceanic blue hair that reaches my mid-back and red ruby eyes, white flawless skin....Seraphina Charlotte....I got transmigr
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Chap 3: The Villainess
As a 'family' we sat on our respected choosen seats and ate in silence, The only sound that can be heard were the silver forks and spoon scraping at each other. "Are you feeling well, seraphina?" The viscount ask, The cause of my transmigration and the real seraphina's death was because she hit her head on the ground due to being trip by a rock, it caused her to be unconscious for the whole day and possibly caused her to die, I still don't know why I was transmigration here even though that little accident was nothing serious but it caused seraphina to be separated from her body. "Yes, seraphina is feeling fine, daughter apologize for making father worry" I said even though all the tone we used to talk to each other was all indifference and coldness in it. "Mn, Duke amrita is throwing a banquet for his daughter's coming-of-age ceremony" usually when a child from the official wife(first wife) reach the required coming-of-age which is 10 years old a celebration is a must but if an il
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Chap 4: The Heroine
I stayed close to daichi wherever he goes, noble kids would crowd around him in favor of maybe making a connection with the future viscount Charlotte, They would occasionally speak a few words or greet me but the majority of the crowd doesn't give a hell about me and I was fine with it, I stood their behind him perfectly still and keeping a poker face on."Duke amrita have arrived!" The Chamberlain announced which caused everyone in the hall to look at the double door opening, A man with brown hair and purple eyes entered the hall duke calix amrita, a women with silky blonde hair and blue eyes was walking behind him and finally the star of the night, blonde hair from her mother and purple eyes like the one madison amrita and duke amrita had."Daughter greets father" madison quickly rushed to her father's side and greeted him "Madison do you have some time to talk?" Duke amrita didn't even bother greeting her in return and asked her, meaning that this is an urgent matter "what is it fa
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Chap 5: The punishment.
At the time the party ended, daichi climb on the carriage first but before I even get to step at the ladder steps someone called out to me."Miss Charlotte please wait!" Such an unladylike behavior is being displayed in public eye is not anyone's cup of tea but being the naive and stupid heroine she is, she still did it.I stopped and turned around to face her, she ran toward me "I hope you enjoyed the party, I hope we get to see each other more often" she said, while she was busy flashing me her brightest smile she can't hear the rude remarks the crowd around us says about her, but I can."Likewise second young miss, I shall take my leave for now, I wish you a good night" I said and bowed gracefully before boarding the carriage and the Coachman closing the door..This time instead of sitting opposite from him I sat beside him with a large distance between us "keep your distance from ellie amrita, madison amrita is not what everyone think" daichi said ,I only stayed in silence while g
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Chap 6: The Palace Internal Affair.
The palace internal affair is a novel where it all revolved around the heroine ellie amrita..The heroine was insulted and look down to by everyone in the social circle, She is from a commoner-born mother and also an illegitimate child of duke amrita.The Villainess madison amrita was a scheming, deceiving and villainous person, after living 10 years as the house of amrita's only young miss she won all the favor of every maids, butler and servant in the mansion, even though she never ordered them to bully the heroine and her mother the maids on the other hand made the live of both Mother and daughter pair a living hell, they claim it's for their 'kind-hearted young miss madison'.The novel started with the introduction of the heroine and the villainess coming-of-age ceremony, but the real plot started out inside the castle wall,The empire's have 6th princes who are also capture targets to the heroine, each of the princes fought for the crown prince position, they stab each other in t
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Chap 7: The House of Charlotte is no more.
*Three years later.It's been three years since the Villainess coming-of-age ceremony, and until now The matter about Ellie Amrita still haven't died down, the whole empire have their eye's on her and ready to criticize her every little mistakes, the prince had their little encounters with the heroine in some way as the plot expected,Since that 'incident' with the heroine that until now my mother still couldn't let go she became more crueler and stricter with me, She supervise my every education from history lesson to mannerisms, she wouldn't let me out of her sight in fear that I might again cause 'trouble' to her, but the only lesson I have that she couldn't get her hand into is my sword skill practice.My body started to grow just like how my hair is growing longer and now reaching my hips, my body became more mature since the day I had my first period and it's very hard during your period days here in this era cause napkins doesn't exist instead their are men.'s pad that they use
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Chap 8: I don't want to be a Princess
Due to exhaustion and the small cuts and wounds in our body, daichi and I sleep for an entire two days, when I woke up I saw the bed beside me empty indicating that my also injured brother is somewhere else, my right arms and leg were covered in bandage Seeing that I'm in a western style private hospital room where everything was made out of wood expect for the bed foam and sheet, the glass window and white curtain, a jar of water was placed on the bed side table with a glass cup, I had trouble sitting up and reaching for it since I'm very thirsty..I closed my eyes and leaned against the headboard, Fresh wind entering the room from the one of the open window, Everything was peaceful and calm until the door opened, A man with black hair as dark as the night sky and red fiery eyes entered, for some reason I thought I was looking at daichi--an older daichi but it wasn't him, a heavy and cold aura resonating from him walked toward me, When he saw I was awake he spoke.."Your awake" his v
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Chap 9: Becoming a Personal Escort Knight
The emperor's face darkened even more as the atmosphere in the room became dark and gloomy that happened until the emperor bursted out laughing..The cold and stone faced emperor is currently laughing his face off.... Ironic"You have the same blunt attitude as your father, you really are quite a rare catch" he said before calming himself from laughing, he coughed a little to regain his composure before looking at me again."Then what do you plan to do with your life?" Become an assassin almost flew out of my mouth if it wasn't for my reflexes, I rearranged my thoughts before responding"I want to live a peaceful life, a stable job and maybe even build a family" I said, it was good choice now that my father and mother are gone to shackle me down.." Why would you want that instead of being a princess? Other young ladies will do anything to get the offer I just gave you" he pointed out, that may be true but.."It's because I don't want to be a doll be a tool or a stepping
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Chap 10: New Home.
As the emperor true to his words provided me a small two-story house in the seventh street of the capital, it's the safest street in the capital and only a small chance of troubles appearing here, the store and markets are also near from my white painted house with a small front and back yard..It's certainly is a peaceful home but I don't know about the 'stable job' part, I'm still recovering from the regret of accepting the emperor's offer, I mentally faced palmed."Your stuff have been moved inside miss" now that I'm just a normal citizen I no longer need the 'young miss' or 'miss Charlotte' title since I'm no longer a noble, the workers bid farewell after I handed them the payment of helping move my stuff inside the house.By now daichi should be comfortably living in his own place in the castle, We only said a few words to each other before saying goodbye to our sibling relationship forever, his back to his cold and harsh attitude toward me but it lightened up a bit, I'll be seei
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