"What the hell!"

    That was all that he could put up with. Those were the only words he could hewn and have his way around. He did want to understand what twas. He wasn't so sure what twas. He did want to be. He shouldn't be feeling surprised because of quite the numbers of things. He should be more than acquainted with the whole deals. He should be able to identify with the whole rage. He did know how things did work. He did know how things would be, had been and would continue to have their ways. He was more than sure about the odd. Time was swift and fate did have a plague to lend. Twas more than what twas. He did know what twas and would make the whole thing worth it. He would make the whole deal worth it. He was more than sure about it. He would put up with it. He would make up his mind and be able to address the whole odds. He wasn't even sure of what to think precisely. He did wish that he would be able to figure out. H

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