"Get them all to the Agora."

      That was Ja Lia. The phrase was addressed to one of those gladiators who was given to undaunted reverence to the professed master. He wasn't as broad and hefty as Cyclops, but had his own pluses. He was quite the hefty also, only that his laps were shifted sideways, such that when he walked, it seemed as though he was going to collapse. Heavens knew how he'd been able to survive sundry battles with such odd two legs. In such a form. Probably he wasn't inflected with ill-luck as compared to the callous Cyclops. He left to prune the biddings of the marred master.

     After the marred massacre of both the hefty gladiators and the defected, leopards that survived the malady were sent back to their hoods while the dead were boiled to commemorate the defeat of the cowards and incompetents. It was usually a rite to celebrate the

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