"Let the struggle begin."

      That was more than a shout or cry. It was a shouting cry or rather, crying shout. The owner of the vying voice was few steps from Ja Lia who was seating by the emperor. He seemed collected and his rusty retina knew patience and gaunt gentility. The lady off what looked like an elevated porch and edged towards Ja Lai while the crowds wore the rage of the tuning atmosphere out with their shrewd shouts. Their interest and jolting joy had been seeped in the insanity of the occasion. She bowed towards the two and took her side by Ja Lia humming haughty hymns her heart had shredded.

       On ocassions of fights were crowds allowed into the fort. It wasn't their thing to do. They had the specific time to arrive and to leave. None of them had the rusty reason to be beyond what he or she was supposed to be. The only thing they did and would

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