.    "You came firstly as an Angel. Well of course I thought. No, twas like a demon. No, more of a prisoner. Arrrgh, like a stranger. Yes, a stranger. It seemed different. I couldn't have thought of it less. I couldn't have thought of it more. You were introduced with anxiety but you're more than that. Ah! What kinda creature are you? What kinda of toilet are you? Who in the fuck name are you? Who made you a stray hound? Who strayed you? When will I get the grasp of everything? Why make a fool of everyone you meet?. Even if you are not here; who gives a fuck. You're damn the worst traitor I've ever and will ever know. You're worst than an infidel. And I'll be patient enough. I'll be patient to kill you. I'll be patient to have you dead. I'll be patient to make confetti of your rage and pride. I'll make you a fool of time and will. You'll feel your heart (if you have one) wanting to leave your body and of course, I'll be there to mock you. I'll be there to smother you p

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