He turned firstly on the berth as though he was going to roll off. He steadied his body and decided to have his pupils hid behind the cottage of the eyelids. Hell no he thought. That was not the best option that moment. He wanted to assume the clone of gloom again but he knew quite alright that he stood no chance. He really loved to delve into that substratosphere, but he couldn't just blend. He knuckled under doing the right thing. Or to say, the supposed right thing. He opened his eyes. They were not of their own makes. He could tell the difference. His eyes always weren't like that. He wanted the sleep more than he wanted life. He knew that but wouldn't deceive himself. He knew that achieving that would be a moaning mirage at that moment. Then he ignored. He looked towards the spot his eyes would always travelled to after sleep. He wanted to jump up and squash his doubt, then rustic reality made pawn of his marred memory. Hell forgetf

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