One life of Sarro la Cassa

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One life of Sarro la Cassa

By: Gabriela Ellis CompletedMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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My new classmate began to assert that teachers are not people. Meanwhile, there are more and more strange cases confirming his conjecture, not all vampires are evil, there is one among them who, sacrificing everything, in the desire to overthrow the tyrant, is ready to change the course of time. we can forget the past, but it can't forget us, following the friends of the indomitable death scythe, are you sure all demons are bad? Take a look around, but rather look into yourself. Has the author ever met his hero? What is there to see! To love and even mutually.

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There is nothing in which there is not a drop of magic ... Behold her! I felt something hard and wet underneath me. I tried to roll over to the other side, but the sensations did not change. I wanted to sleep, my whole body felt weak. I slowly opened one eye, then the other and died - I was in the forest. The dampness of the cool morning grass made it clear that it was spring. The fresh smell of lush foliage, the rays of a bright dawn and the chirping of birds finally awakened from sleep. The first thing that surrounded me was shock, panic that knows no end and edge, adrenaline that spilled like a metallic taste in my mouth ... I jumped to my feet and looked around. I looked at myself: not a single scratch or bruise, the slightest hint that someone had dragged me here by force! The air was neither cold nor warm, and therefore a long-sleeved sweater was just right, which cannot be said about boots that reached almost to the knee ... “What is this forest? How did
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And behind all that is curious, danger lurks... The sky was black. You can hardly see the stars through the curved branches. But despite this, a huge castle towered over the world with a dark bulk. Its sharp spiers and small windows, in which the light was constantly blinking and lit, stood out among the darkness with trembling lights. It was a school called Dark Emade Hall, literally "Dark School of Omederro", and there, no doubt, something was going on ...*** The heavy doors of the gate cracked and opened, and a crowd of schoolchildren ran out from there, “halls,” as the director called them. They laughed out loud and discussed something - it was not often that they canceled a lesson in the middle of the day. Sun was shining. Young grass rustled underfoot, beautiful mushrooms with bright multi-colored hats grew somewhere nearby. They ran like a ribbon into the distance, all the way to the forest. The class teacher completed the crowd of white, red and
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- Why is she so happy? - I was surprised, - He also purrs with joy! Elaida stood out from a thousand with her character!*** There were flasks everywhere, dangerous reagents stood in cabinets without glass, scribbled sheets, rubbish and a lot of all sorts of things piled up on the teacher's table. And more crumbs. The teacher was constantly chewing something. The chemistry room was obviously not familiar with safety regulations. He was like his master, always quick-tempered and unpredictable, Edmond Rusch. He looked like his character! Not cut, not neat, with a long yellow, always dirty, raincoat and high massive boots. In the bright yellowish narrow eyes there was always anger, rejection and distrust. It became terrifying when he passed by: he could grab a notebook for no reason, tear it up and, without justifying it, put two. He did a lot more. So many. So just do not list!It became scary when he took out the flasks and began his experiments. He explained everything in
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The darkness of ignorance breeds fears... The school did not inspire the most friendly appearance: sharp black towers and spiers went under the very clouds. One tower stood out like a giant match, towering over the world, no doubt holding something secret. The students were not allowed there, saying that the tower was very old and could collapse at any moment. But they really wanted to be there! Was it from the fact that a light was often seen in it, or from the fact that bats hovered around it in flocks? An unknown force irresistibly attracted them there ... Although my memories were not available to me, this only concerned what was inextricably linked to my past. As for the school, she knew and remembered all the classrooms. “Well, thanks for that, at least!” The morning began unexpectedly - everyone was awakened by bird cries. However, I have nightmares. I apologize that I did not have the opportunity to tell you more specifically about the room itself: two people li
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The first lesson has begun. Mathematics. A small classroom with a large green board and rusty-red curtains. Not a single flower or painting on the windowsill. Only a closet in the corner, large and locked. Looks like the teacher's personal belongings. The utility room was littered with notebooks and textbooks. There was a small square mirror in an old frame, next to which a Cheshire cat was painted right on the wall. They said it was a gift from alumni.- I remember that there used to be a Christmas tree here! Last year. Over my desk, - recalled Becca, - I want it to happen again! Today there was a new topic, but something else worried me: that man in the forest, now I call him that. Len interrupted me endlessly, admiring and asking questions.“…What is this cute talk?” - as always, unexpectedly and cunningly said Elaida Luificlar and called me to the blackboard. This I did not expect and even feared. I doubt it, but after an unexpected appearance in the forest, along with a
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„…your notebook keeps mute secrets in itself, it keeps them in lattices of even cells…“ Then I went to my friends to find out what they wrote. Deep down I knew that no matter how they opposed my ideas, they still supported me. It was visible in the eyes, and it cannot be faked. The weather was deteriorating before our eyes: a cold breeze blew across the floor. As I expected, many took my idea as absurd. However, Karme said that yesterday she saw de Qiying rushing headlong through the East Gate of the school. I felt it necessary to write it down. -Maybe it seems to you? her friend asked softly, "do you think we'll really find something?" “She said:“ Do you think? ”and“ really ... ”, and not“ Are you sure? ”,“ What will it give? ”. And I was very happy about it!- Shall we go to the library? she suggested. „Unbelievable! Why did she change her mind?“ In our world, nature was very respected, so as not to pollute it, they did not use cars at all - transport, for ex
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4 Our dreams are mirrors to the future of life...
I woke up from a strange feeling: it seemed as if I was falling somewhere into the void, the hands of the clock were spinning before my eyes, and some terrible and painfully familiar faces flickered in the distance ... Yesterday's dialogue with the biologist seemed like some kind of nonsense. “This is a dream,” I assured myself, “How can this be real? - Combing her hair, she looked at herself in the mirror, - These stars on my cheek ... where did they come from? Before I woke up in the forest, they didn't exist before! What do they mean and how did they appear? I tried deleting it, but it didn't work. It seemed that the signs were forever fused with the skin, as if they personified some kind of sign - a mark. Where did that horse come from? Who is he? I remember everything - my simple, unremarkable, one might even say, gray life - daily attendance at school, quarrels and joys, hopes to meet something that will change this grayness ... - That's it! - I realized, - B
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5 Suspicions
What? Who? How? Why?But how to answer fate?In the morning I was in a hurry. She packed her bag in a hurry, hastily stuffing textbooks and a book borrowed from the library into it. I decided that today I have to read it! How much news I wanted to tell my friends! How many new thoughts and doubts overwhelmed me! And not only me... The stairs were always full of people. Somewhere in the distance, the blue-haired silhouette of the moon flickered, it was hard not to notice it. - You will not believe it! - I said to Vega, the first one I met on the way, - But the Moon! .. - I involuntarily looked around. There was no one behind. Of course, I didn’t choose the best interlocutor, but how I wanted to share the news with anyone!She's not who we think she is!- And who is she? - the girl replied indifferently, - What difference does it make to me! - she continued, instantly remembering the irony.-I'm afraid we'll have to find out...-Hey! To her! Why are you so gloomy? Rejoice! There wil
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6 Changes
There are no random smiles... The lessons had already ended, and the corridors were empty again. "How wonderful!" thought Carme, quietly heading towards the library. Sneaking between the open offices of Hilaren and Luificlar, the girl ran unnoticed down the thin corridor. Oh, how she was afraid to catch their eyes! Her hands were covered with barely noticeable moisture. The headwind lashed my face. In such a flight, freedom was felt with my whole body, I wanted to take off, soar into the sky, under the very clouds, but the routine of life tightly kept the girl in her nets. She was afraid to walk alone, but even more afraid to be alone again, without friends. Some noise was heard in the distance, but, trying not to look like a coward in her own eyes, Karme continued on her way, not turning around and not slowing down. Whatever happened then, she thought, I am stronger than him! Because I'm a man! ”- the girl opened the door - the smell of musty books, caked papers an
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7 Sarro
Within each of us lives a Vampire.Only he manages some, and others - him. He looked at his watch - 8.35 AM. “I must return, for if I am late, I might die!” thought Sarro. Black stumps surrounded from all sides. It was almost dawn, and it weighed heavily on the vampire, forcing him to increase his speed. And he was not as young as before ... And now he was looking forward to the approaching flight from the "sweet sun." Black night doves flew by. The vampire grabbed one of them and tied a note to the wing. "I'm leaving Esai. From all wings. Your S." He folded the leaf in four and tied it to the bird's foot. "Fly!" he whispered. A castle appeared in the distance. School. “I have to see Lou! I must tell her to be careful! ... - flashed through his head, - Caution would not hurt me either ... - at that very moment, the first rays of dawn dawned, scattered into a hundred fragments and touched Sarro's wings and scorched their ends with their poisonous heat. And there was an insigni
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