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By: LONNIE LEE OngoingMystery/Thriller

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Detective Vanilla Lawson examines the evident unintentional demise of researcher Dr Richard Bennett, just to uncover an intricate snare of mysteries and misdirection. At the point when Dr Bennett's girl, Lucy, coincidentally finds her dad's weighty research, she turns into an objective, setting off a high-stakes attempt to beat the clock. As the Detective, Government Agent Michael Stevens, and a mysterious lady named Jane Monroe dive further, they uncover a scheme that could reshape science and put lives in peril. With risk every step of the way, they should interpret reality before strong powers quiet them until the end of time.

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    full of suspense

    2023-10-12 03:20:49
  • SeakReed


    Beautiful writing! Starting the book and being happily surprised ...

    2024-01-15 18:44:13
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230 chapters
Chapter 1
A Mysterious DeathDetective Vanilla Lawson packed her plain police cruiser outside the Bennett home, its tyres crunching on the rock carport. The rambling chateau was washed in moonlight, at this point murkiness stuck to its mysteries. She ventured out, her ragged cowhide boots making an unpretentious crash on the ground. A whirlwind stirred the trees, and a shudder ran down her spine.Dr. Richard Bennett, an eminent researcher, lay unmoving on the front room floor, washed in the ghostly gleam of a close by light. His inert eyes gazed into obscurity. The scene seemed heartbreaking however clear - a straightforward mishap. Be that as it may, Vanilla's stomach told her in any case."Anything uncommon, Official Johnson?" she asked her formally dressed accomplice, who was cautiously looking at the room.Johnson, a youthful and enthusiastic cop, scratched his head. "Not actually, Detective. It appears as though he stumbled and fell. There's a wrecked container on the floor, and he has a c
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Chapter 2
Hidden RecordingsThe sun had scarcely risen when Detective Vanilla Lawson got back to the Bennett home. The chateau, presently washed in the pale morning light, held a greater number of mysteries than she could comprehend. She had gone through a restless evening mulling over the riddle encompassing Dr Richard Bennett's passing.Inside, the scientific team was fastidiously reporting proof. Vanilla, her eyes still weighty from weariness, felt a tangible strain all around.Official Johnson moved toward her. "Detective, we have the underlying post-mortem report. It affirms that Dr. Bennett kicked the bucket from a hit to the head, probably brought about by the fall."Vanilla gestured, her psyche hustling. "Keep me refreshed. Also, ensure the girl, Lucy, remains nearby. I need to talk with her once more."As Vanilla went into the lounge, she saw Lucy sitting on a rich seat, her eyes red-rimmed from crying. She turned upward as Vanilla drew nearer."Lucy, I really want to ask you a few add
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Chapter 3
Uncovering DeceptionsDetective Vanilla Lawson and Agent Michael Stevens sat in a faintly lit corner of a little, subtle bistro. The low murmur of discussion gave cover to their conversation about the secretive passing of Dr. Richard Bennett and the secret recording they had uncovered.Vanilla inclined in, her eyes fixed on Agent Stevens. "Along these lines, what do you are familiar with Dr. Bennett and his research, Agent Stevens?"Agent Stevens took a taste of his espresso, his disposition wary. "Beyond what I can share right now, Detective. Yet, I can let you know this — Dr. Bennett's work had drawn in the consideration of a few extremely influential individuals, and they didn't believe it should come around."Vanilla's interest extended. "What sort of work would we say we are referring to? The recording indicated something huge."Agent Stevens inclined nearer, speaking with a softer tone. "Dr. Bennett was on the cusp of a clinical leap forward, a discovery that could reform the d
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Chapter 4
Pursuit of The Missing PapersWith the insight about Dr. Bennett's missing research papers, Detective Vanilla Lawson's urge to get going arrived at another pinnacle. She, Agent Michael Stevens, and Lucy Bennett clustered together in the area's meeting room."Lucy, could you at any point consider any individual who could have approached your dad's review?" Vanilla asked.Lucy shook her head, her eyes loaded up with stress. "Nobody with the exception of his partners, however, I can't really accept that any of them would do this."Agent Stevens interposed, "We want to track down those papers, Lucy. They could be the way to disentangling this whole secret."As the threesome examined their subsequent stages, Official Johnson went into the room with a grave articulation. "Detective, we just got a report. Dr. Lawrence was tracked down dead in his loft."The room fell into a weighty quiet. The unexpected and rough end of Dr. Lawrence sent shockwaves through the investigation.Vanilla's brain
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Chapter 5
The Deadly StandoffIn the faintly lit storm cellar of Dr. Lawrence's condo, Detective Vanilla Lawson, Agent Michael Stevens, and Lucy Bennett stood frozen, their breaths suspended in the strained air. The gatecrasher's cover disguised their personality, their finger strained on the trigger of a smooth, dark gun.Lucy, not entirely settled, talked first. "Who are you? What is it that you need?"The interloper didn't answer, rather motioning with the weapon for them to get away from the safe. As they did, Lucy shot a look at Vanilla, who unpretentiously motioned for her to remain even-tempered.The interloper moved toward the safe, their gloved hand going after the hard drive and archives. Their developments were exact, recommending experience with the items. Vanilla detected there was something else to this interloper besides meeting the eye.Agents Stevens, endeavouring to divert the aggressor, inquired, "Would you say you are working alone, or are there others included?"The gatecra
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Chapter 6
Unmasking The ConspiracyInside the solid safe house, Detective Vanilla Lawson, Agent Michael Stevens, and Lucy Bennett crouched around a PC screen showing Dr. Richard Bennett's pivotal research. The disclosure that the infection had been designed as a weapon had sent shockwaves through their Investigation.Vanilla talked with a need to get going, "This research is a unique advantage, but on the other hand it's a ticking delayed bomb. We want to sort out who's behind this and why."Agent Stevens nodded in understanding. "Presently also, we can't confide in anybody. Our foes are strong and very much associated."Lucy, her eyes loaded up earnestly, tolled in, "My dad probably realized he was at serious risk. He mentioned somebody was watching him. We really want to figure out what that identity was."Vanilla got to the PC's inquiry history, searching for any hints that Dr. Bennett could have abandoned. As she looked at the information, she coincidentally found a connection to a news art
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Chapter 7
Investigating The Conspiracy Inside the protected house, Jane Monroe had recently revealed a stunning disclosure about the profundity of the trick they were confronting. Her voice trembled as she talked. "I would have rather not been a piece of this, yet they have approaches to making your consent," Jane said, her eyes loaded up with lament. "Individuals behind this will successfully safeguard their interests." Detective Vanilla Lawson inclined forward, her eyes extreme. "Who are these individuals, Jane? Furthermore, the thing would they say they are pursuing?" Jane hesitated, her lips shuddering. "They call themselves 'The Organization.' It's a shadowy organization with an impact on each side of the world. They control state-run administrations, partnerships, and, surprisingly, criminal endeavours." Agent Michael Stevens frowned. "In any case, what's their final stage? Why take such measures to quiet Dr. Bennett and hide his research?" Jane took a full breath. "The research isn
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Chapter 8
The Perilous PursuitAs Detective Vanilla Lawson, Agent Michael Stevens, Lucy Bennett, and Jane Monroe went out with their valuable proof, a need to get a move on burdened them. They realize that The Organization was hot behind them, and their main goal to uncover the intrigue was more unsafe than at any other time in recent memory.Lucas Sanchez, the investigative journalist, had organized to meet them in a separate, deserted stockroom on the edges of town. The gathering showed up carefully, filtering their environmental elements for any sign of risk.Lucas rose up out of the shadows, his face scratched sincerely. "I've been digging further into The Organization, and I've uncovered a few upsetting connections. Yet, before we continue, I really want to see the proof."Vanilla gave over the reports and hard drive, her eyes never leaving Lucas' face. As he analyzed the proof, his expression obscured."This is huge," Lucas said, his voice low. "On the off chance that we distribute this s
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Chapter 9
The Search For LucyThe unwanted stockroom lay in ruins, the result of the extraordinary firefight between Vanilla, Agent Stevens, Jane Monroe, and the agents of The Organization. Lucy Bennett was missing, and a thick haze of misery loomed over the gathering.Vanilla, her voice stressed, yelled over the waiting echoes of gunfire, "We need to find Lucy. We can't leave her in the hands of The Organization."Agent Stevens gestured in arrangement, his face carved sincerely. "Concurred, however, we want an arrangement. We can't simply rush in aimlessly."Jane, actually slowing down to rest, added, "They will not be far. They probably accepted her as a prisoner to compel us to surrender the proof."Lucas Sanchez's voice popped through Vanilla's telephone, "I've distributed the story. It's out there, however, we can't allow them to utilize Lucy against us. We want to move quickly."Vanilla filtered the region, her mind hustling. "The Organization has assets and connections, yet they can't st
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Chapter 10
The Last ConflictCaught inside the unwanted manufacturing plant, Detective Vanilla Lawson, Agent Michael Stevens, Lucy Bennett, Jane Monroe, and Lucas Sanchez ended up encompassed by intensely furnished agents of The Organization. The unease in the air was overwhelming, and the central battle for truth and equity had arrived at its peak.The head of The Organization, a man with a steely disposition and cool, computing eyes, ventured forward. "You've brought us a considerable amount of hardship, haven't you?"Vanilla, her voice consistent in spite of the desperate circumstance, answered, "haven't arrived to create problems. We're hanging around for Lucy. Let her go, and we'll leave calmly."The Organization chief laughed, an evil sound that creeped them out. "You don't have the foggiest idea, Detective Lawson. Lucy is our insurance contract. We can't let that proof you've uncovered come around."Lucy, her eyes overflowing with disobedience, said, "I won't allow you to utilize me again
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