Chapter 67

The powers Beauty and Cleo used on them had no effect. They were strong enough. They brought the barrier and the Kanimas surrounded me. They opened their mouth to rows of sharp teeth.

My power raged. Holding it down was like trying to stop a tornado with my hands. Different shadows rose around my fire. The dark power merged with mine.

I lifted my hands after I was finally able to control the powers. I lifted my hand. My power felt lighter. I shoved my palms forward. My power burn through the charging creatures. I closed my palm. The red wave pulled back before it burned through the tree.

A few Kanima melted into the ground, avoiding my attacks.

I felt them behind me. Turning, I swing my palm in their direction. The black power came to me again.

I shove my hands forward. Black and red flames reached toward the monsters.

They were all on the floor. Burned. I didn't need the mountain ash to fight them all. My new powers were enough.

I exhaled. "What the fuck happened?" Cleo walked
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