Chapter 68

Alex paused in his attack, giving me a moment to back up, but he never took his cold eyes off me. "We can talk about this." I said.

There was a questionable tone in her voice. "You won't leave the throne. Would you? Chosen one?"

"I can't believe you!" I yelled at him. "Why do you want this throne so much? Do you want to live forever just like my father tried to do? it never works out."

What do you know? You won't understand what it feels like to own the world. To have the world now to your feet. To control the world to do what you want." He groaned. Held my head hard against the tree.

I could see blood dripping from my head.

"Well, i know how hard it is to have the world as you responsibility." I hoped I could stall him with talking, just like in the movies. I also hoped my words would hide how utterly and completely terrified I was. "Do you understand? Don't do this. It is not worth it. All these humans won't be grateful to you. No matter what you do for them."

"I shall have the th
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