Chapter 70

Ava was taken aback when she learned of my pregnancy and has remained by my side ever since. I haven't been able to return to the shadow world since Astrid was brought to this world and Chase's family had returned to NYC. That's what his mother said, at least.

I was unable to inform my parents or Denise about Astrid's absence. Except for the council and my friends, no one knows my daughter has gone missing.

"Are you going to get a cake today?" Chase inquired, his arms still wrapped around my shoulder. With tears in my eyes, I glanced up at him. "Today is a good day to make a wish. I have a feeling things will be different this time." He grinned, attempting to make me smile as well, but I'll be honest, it was difficult to return to being joyful or smiling.

"No cake today," I murmured, my voice sluggish.

"Why? I am fully supportive of all you do."

I nodded. "I know." I rose up after releasing myself from him. I showed him the hair tie by opening my hands to him. "Her fragrance is fa
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