Getting a bearing.

        Inside the tree. A forest. 

     "I'll make this quite clear now."

    Vulcan was seated by a pavement. There was a large apple tree before him. Prium was seated on a stool, while Ayla on the railing bordering the pavement. Well, they were still inside the tree.

    "I have few tasks before me and I wouldn't want to lag because I have been warned severally."

     He continued, to be interrupted by his daughter,

     "By Athena?"

     He nodded his head instead of words. She seemed to had taken an offense in that. He didn't allow himself to be bothered by that. 

     "Spread your points out, Master."

    Ayla called from the railing. Prium shot her a glare and looked back at her father. She could let that pass. 

     "I have some games of revenge to play and I wouldn't m

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