Interval - By the Sea ( Athena's call)

     "Isn't it barbaric to be that way. I was lost of words at the change of everything."

    Vulcan complained, his face sharing its grace between the crashing waves and the hankering horizon. He felt like a new thunderbolt had hit him, because everything about had just changed. Though the feeling that succeeded it was quite soothing, probably extracted from the lady seated beside him on the shore. Athena. 

    After the supposed death on earth, he had met himself on the shore of that sea. That sea through which they had been borne by Leviathan to earth, to mark the end of their fantasy. 

    And in just the twinkling of an eye had Athena walked out of the waves and touched him from behind. He had hugged her so tightly that he wanted to force her boobs into his chest. He had kissed her so passionately that he had meant to cut her lips into his and own them forever. 

    After which they had a little play on the cozy shore. Such play draped by passion and pleasure. Such play he had never had the best way except with her. Such play which had made them drench the shore in their juice. 

    And after that had they started talking. Talking about his experience on earth. 

    "I made you return to earth to see how hideous humans could be with their choices and judgements. How well they think they know but end up preying on the weaknesses of the weak."

    Athena paused, her voice seemed to be borne by the playful winds. Her eyes busy and her lips hasty. Vulcan wanted so badly to taste those lips again but then, he wanted as much to learn what was wrong with him. He tamed one need for the other. 

     "Now I make a meaning of it. I used to think being spiritual is a plague. I used to think being in fantasy sucked, but I haven't seen anything as worst as being in reality."

   He was trying to be diplomatic with words. She responded,

     "Tell me how you felt the first day."

    He looked around as though he was trying to figure out whether or not Jite and Kilp would come around. He knew that that was very much close to an illusion. 

   He bounced back and reeled. 

     "Like I felt on my first day in the world of fantasy. Everything strange and new. I woke up to a family, a family which claimed to be mine. And according to the way I was being treated by my wife, I think I was poor. She had poisoned the fragile heart of my second daughter. Though my first daughter, Prium, I guess, stands by me because she kinda believes that I would be great one day."

   He paused, and Athena seized the advantage. 

    "Which work do you think you do?"

     He thought for a while, his face tracing the sway of the waves. He replied,

     "Maybe a farmer or probably, I own  livestocks. But that isn't even the problem. The peak of it all was when I was thinking of processing the trauma of the new family and who I was, then I heard a protest outside my house. I was charged with rape and condemned to death."

   He sighed trying to concentrate on the point he was going to give. Athena let him have the audience. He continued,

    "I'm not sure though, the leader of the protesters seemed to have some personal feud with me. I didn't even have the time to ask."


   He chuckled. He felt light telling the hideous tale. At least he was glad that all had ended. 

   "I didn't even think of asking. Lots of things were odd. Even the princess I was accused of seemed fishy and wierd. And twas also strange all the community wanted me dead. Not even few people made an exception except my daughter. Well, I didn't bother to ask questions. I just wanted to get away from it all and return to the fantasy where I can resume my old life."

   There was a pitch to the last sentence marking what he had said as the peak of his intentions. 

   Then Athena stood up immediately. She stretched out her hand to him on the shore and muttered,

     "Walk with me."

   He held her hand and she pulled him up. They started walking towards the crashing waves. A step at a time, as though she was making deliberate exceptions. 

    Her palm was soft under his, fiery warmth sending a squashing signal down his spines. The gown she was draped in revealed her cleavages and he already had a boner. He was only trying to be sane. 

     "That was not the man I love."

    She started. He couldn't help but look at her. His face went to the swell of her boobs again, he wanted to suck them. But her voice pushed him back to sanity,

     "The man I love had spoken face with Poseidon without regards even though he knew he had no strength compared to the beast. The man I love would hurl himself into a flowing lava to test his doubts. The man I love will face his difficulties happily and stake a claim. The man I love won't run away from situations, whether fantasy or reality. Like he survived his fantasy and let it make a beast of him, so will he survive reality, and let it make a King of him."

    She stopped walking. They were already at the foot of the waves. She turned him to herself immediately, holding unto his two hands. His sleeping boner woke again. 

     She tilted her face closer and met her lips with his. His were burning and hers were lukewarm. One for the sake of the other would be set on fire. He responded but then she cut it short. 

     Her eyes had tuned, and were golden at that time. She continued, peering at those eyeballs of his, charging them. 

    "Promise me that you'll take back what belongs to you. Make the leader of those protesters who had violated your daughter pay. Make the priest who had violated your wife pay. Make your wife who had conspired to end you pay. And make all those who had supported and framed the rape allegation on you pay!"

    He just watched her lips dance and stopped. There were a kabillion and one questions he wanted to ask her. 

   But before he could give the words life, with her two hands in his, currents coursing through hers to his, she flung him into the sea. 

    He screamed and looked in that direction but she was no longer there. He made a splash in the waters and was swallowed by gloom. 

    He found himself at that same spot. That spot where he had been killed. He seemed to had disappeared back to life. 

    Prium had her back to him within the ring and was hurling stones at the vultures trying to eat his corpse. 


   He called at her. She held back a stone she was going to hurl. 

    "What was that?"

   He heard her mutter.


   He called again then she turned. She dropped the stone in her hand immediately. She was shocked to her marrows. 


   More of a question than a call. He nodded his head and smiled at her. 

    "How's that?"

    She gave her contention life and turned towards the corpse again to be sure. But the corpse was no longer there, neither were the vulture. 

    "You're as confused as I am. I know."

   He said as soon as she looked back at him. Worry concocted by shock splattered on her face. 

    "We need to leave now. Come with me. I'll tell you all."

   He turned his back on her and began to walk away. 

   Prium stood there yet. How would you expect her to make meaning of that so easily. 

   Bet she'd never seen something like that ever in her life.

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