~The King and his Queen~

"Have you seen it before?"

Vulcan's gaze had been eaten up by the intensity of his curiosity. He looked way from the guards who were carrying the corpse with several gores all of its body away. 

"Yes. It's called Kin-Lin. It's of a Chinese origin."

Athena replied as he turned in the chair,

"What's a Chinese monster doing here then?"

"Do not call it a Monster. If one of the emperors of the Chinese empire hears that, your life would be more than bargained for."

The curiosity in his face melted into a molten lava of worries,

"If it's not a monster, then why would it had gored a man in such innumerable amount of places."

"Tell me, husband. If I go after a citizen and kill such, would you call me a monster?"

He shook his head,

"Of course not. You have your reasons."

"So then, why do you think the creature doesn't have its reaso

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