The Claim...

     Inside a tree. 

"Won't your lover be pissed that you left the palace, her presence?!"

Ayla teased, her keen eyes weighing the weight of Vulcan's readiness. Herself and Tahni were seated under the large oak tree in the heart of the lawn, and Vulcan was opposite the both of them. They were all seated on the green pasture, which seemed like a rug spread by some skilled hands. 

"I see no reason why she should. If twasn't for her permission, I wouldn't be here. She's the reason I'm here."

Vulcan let the epistle off. Ayla shook her head and looked away. One could say that that was an expression of jealousy, as her beautiful face contoured and the curve of her cheeks tucked in. 

"So why are you here, father? That name doesn't really sound the same way."

Tahni came on, having observed Ayla's reaction. Vulcan saw her did that and replied,

"You seem rather interested in a Nymph you recently know than in your f

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