The meeting...

     In the woods. 

"Your father is on a search for me."

Tahni let aside what she was doing and peered at Ayla who was seated on the long lawn of green pasture. They were inside a tree again, and since the new duty of Aynea, which was only known to Ayla, there had been no one to disturb them. 

"How did you know? Why is he looking for you?"

She walked over to the spot Ayla was occupying which was opposite a long but pleasant lake, which hummed rhythm to the verses of the whooshing winds. 

"A Nymph is not only tied to her mistress by oath but my magic and sacred codes of the supernals. Of course there are things Athena knows that I do not, why wouldn't there be, it's natural for their to be a gap between a master and the mastered, but then, if thoughts are conceived for long, I perceive it."

Tahni was already getting distracted as she shot,

"Does that mean you hear every of her thoughts and know what she's

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