The Simian.

    The Colosseum. 

~The fight~

"You know what you're supposed to do when you get out there."

The grim faced of the three kings called as the Gladiators halted at the wooden door which would lead them into the passage which led into  the entrance of the arena. 

"If we lose to the Gladiators of Vulcan, what then do we stand for? Why do we fight in the first place, if we are to lose?"

One of the Gladiators queried. He was lanky, his skin toned brown, his voice thick and puffy. His eyes red and face stern. 

"Be mute Simian! Who told you that you could wield words of your own accord! Be gone from here dog and do that which you've been bade to."

At once, the three kings turned their backs and walked in the opposite direction, while the wooden door creaked before the Gladiators and opened to the sticky passage. 

The large iron gate which led into the arena was pulled open by five hefty men and the G

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