A ray of truth...

     Under a tree. In the woods. 

~Tahni and Ayla~

"There's something I've been meaning to discuss with you, Ayla."

Tahni called at the constantly pacing Ayla before her. Tahni was seated at the base of a large. The large tree in which they live. While Ayla was pacing the gaunt path before the tree. 

Ayla stopped at her call and turned to Tahni, not leaving the position she held,

"Something you've been meaning to talk about, or something you've been talking about yet haven't gotten a response to... but you want to, at all cost."

Tahni stood up suddenly. 

"Whatever you call it."

Ayla smiled and walked off the way.

"I'm all ears."

Tahni snapped,

"You act too wierdly these days. At first, I thought it was some Nymph thing. Like it was bound to happen and then would go away. But then, it just kept coming and coming, so obvious that if I'm indifferent, then I'm nothing but a fool!"<

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