The choice.

    Outside the tree. 

"You can't keep escaping using with your crappy magic. You don't think you'll get off my grasp this time. You thought you could fool me? Or what were you thinking. But it's a pity to see that I --"

Prium stopped chanting as soon as she stood up, and turned to the group of people looking at her. 

"What in the actual fuck!"

She muttered. Trying to hold her gaze on one of the group. She didn't know who precisely to pick on or get on a brawl with. 

Her father was standing in the middle of the group and beside him was Ayla. To the left was Tahni holding unto that princess who had caused the death of her father?

Then isolated, by the fallen and uprooted trunk of the tree in which they used to live, was that wierd lady who had came to threaten them in the wood many days back. 

She tried to understand what was going on as well as struggle with the implication of the whole matter. She


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