The wave of war...

    Few days later. On a surface water. 

"What's that coming, Father?"

Tahni asked standing at the edge of the stretched and borderless wooden balcony. She turned to face her father who was seated on a acacia chair before the wooden hut seating on the surface water, half way into the breadth of the large lake. 

According to Ayla who had situated their new dwelling place on the water, they wouldn't be scene by any mortal. Even a boat plying the water wouldn't see them. Only that when the boat gets to the portion of their building on the water, twouldnt be able to pass through. Twould feel a barrier but wouldn't see what it was. 

"You don't have to bother yourself. Whatever it is would come to light sooner or later."

She heard her father say, yet she wasn't satisfied. She didn't know why not. She could smell quite the numbers of omens in the air. She didn't know when she began to have spiritual traits. Abilities to discern st

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