Rune Bearer

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Rune Bearer

By: Snowpinch OngoingFantasy

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Famine had taken a toll on the humans; this had set everyone to find what to sleep on for survival, Elrond a young orphan went on a hunt into the heart of the woods from the Charevibe where they stayed in search of a deer for venison, he heard whispers of strange folks that lured him into something he believed his eyes were tricking him.  This transgression into a foreboding land had wrecked the looming darkness upon them and now the trolloc invades in search of the faeries white wolf that protected the light and magick of the Elderwood. A black hood and a masked man bear at their door as the great sweeps of the north continue. Elrond is saved by a fate so cruel or eerie that awaits him as he either perishes or takes the hand of the pointed-ear stranger, who is also an enemy of their kind and a protector of the last Elderwood– the high elves.

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#1. A strange white wolf in the thicket
In the mine of Cirdanoth stood human men and women with hunched shoulders and swollen knuckles, many of who have since stopped trying to scrub the coal dust out of their broken nails, the lines of their sunken faces were too raw and clumsy."You may take our land but not our soul." The old man said, pressing his arm around the axe in his hand. "To us, a King is promised." The man screamed and the soldiers stared at him with morbid curiosity."A king is promised!" A roar escaped the crowd of people. His right hand held onto the scabbard and the blade was too exquisitely balanced in the man's left hand."And he will come ripping your head apart." Chimed the old man. "You leeching masked." he enunciated the last word with spite. "Elvish Mongers!" He muttered slowly to the Elven soldier before him. "To him, the songs of the Sky and Storm shall be sung and he will unite all of us. Until then we shall protect our land. To the north!" The roaring continued; it smelled of courage and life, t
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#2. The human body is no vessel for darkness
"We're going to be devoured," Eton muttered, grinding his teeth out of fear."Quite, I don't think it has seen us." He gasps, All he could think of was the lesson he had spent his childhood learning. "Guess I was right all along but it's an opportunity. I won't let it slide." Dinner and coins binged in his head.Worse than his size was his natural stealth, even as he inched closer to the brush, he remained unheard, unspotted by the doe. No animal that massive could be so quiet. But if he was no ordinary animal, if he was of Cirdanoth origin, if he was somehow elvish then being eaten was the least of his concerns. They should already be running. Yet maybe. . .maybe it would be a favour to the world, to his village, to himself, and his family to kill him while they were almost unnoticed. Putting an arrow through his eye would be no burden.But despite his size, he looked like a wolf and moved like a wolf. Animal, he reassured himself.Just an animal. He didn’t let himself consider the
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#3. The cost of surviving hits at the least hours
Grace's brows narrowed. “I will do no such thing!”Elrond was on his way, Eton muttered a small plea to Grace which earned her a hiss he looked over his shoulder and shut the door behind him as he rested his aching back on the bed.AT THE HOUR OF THE CROW "Elrond. . ." he heard a sound so eerie and full of dark melody call out his name."Who are you?" He asked raking his hair with his nails. Walking to the side by the heath where the wolf pelt was kept. "Save the light. So long I am with you, find him." The voice was like a sharp breeze. "Save the light." Elrond was confused. He had no idea."Elrond! I knew you would be sleepwalking." Eton's hand rubbed against his shoulder and back to his face chuckling."I saw it standing by the fire, his eyes fierce as the flames," Elrond confessed."Elrond!" This time his voice almost tore the wall of the room with hints of sarcasm. "You couldn't wait to have the best sale in the market today right?" Eton's words made a white mist. Get rid of the
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#4. Fall of the false north
"Trollocs!" A boy screamed outside and the scream went dead, he was sure to be dead as he grunted and choked as the talon struck through his heart."The village is under attack! Seal the gate!" The sheriff shouts, monsters were already raiding the village. A loud wail was heard and the voice slowly died into a singing silence.Elrond looked back, his back was damp with sweat and he didn't know when the wooden hilt of his hunting knife had gotten to his hand, the first few moments were a blur of snarling from the enormous beast with about ten feet tall his face bearing horns tusk bestial muzzles, the shrieking of his siblings and the cascading cold that accompanied the monster and his father's shock stricken gaze. They were scared to their bones.Trolloc, they couldn't believe their sight. He ignored Elrond as he stuck out his knife to defend his family. This was what he thought best to do. But his father, like the coward he is, went into hiding too.There was no doubt about the damage
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#5. Collision into a whole new porter
"Elrond!" The druid called out to him pulling him out of his trance. He wasn't sure but it was better to die in the hand of the man that stood before him like a human with his words that we're unbelievable than these creatures. His heart thudded against his chest, knots upon knots, the terror was too incessant and mixed with the pain of not being able to do anything to save his father that if he had gone hungry for months he won't realize the need for hunting anymore quickly he grabbed the man by his wrist.The light glowed so brightly that the pile of trollocs coming in disintegrated to ashes at the thud of his sceptre. Close to his side and shaking was Elrond, just a boy, a boy that knew the weight of his burden, that wanted to save his family from hunger and had now seen things only told as tales. His town turned over. Fire burning down the coven. People running for their lives, weeping at the death of loved ones.The winter moans through the street rattling the leaves outside and
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#6. In the pit of Elven city
Gritting his teeth behind the invisible tape that glued his mouth, he struggled as he demand answers from Allanon—might have shouted to where he still lumbered ahead, heedless of him. But then chirping birds flitted past him and a mild breeze kissed his face. He caught a hedge-bordered metal gate ahead.His prison or his salvation, he couldn't decide which.It took almost two days to reach the border of Cirdanoth. Bastard! He rants profanities at the druid in his head."What brings travellers to the invisible gate of Cirdanoth.""Let us in." Allanon the druid commands."Who are you to use such a hefty voice for us? No outsider enters the high house.""Allanon of Ayeleid. Here with his human companion." He announced himself.The gate swayed inward as they pulled it open, together they walked inside beguiled by the view Elrond's eyes were widely rolling almost that they might plunge out and start rolling through the ground.Just as the tale told by their grand sire the father after and
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#7. Council of high Elves
Elrond's throat was parched and his stomach was rumbling, so Aurora slowly peeled herself off the edge of the door. Slowly, not because of those vigilant guards, but rather because her head was well and truly spinning. She didn’t trust herself to care enough to prevent a tumble. It ward away as she drew closer. "Human in the walls of high elves." She glared at the thin scar stretching her hand and she shimmed to the door, neglecting the hesitancy of the guard. The world slipped when she entered. "He is runed, it's pretty obvious." Who could that be? The council were in a far too steady motion to give notice of her entry. "Father you sent for me." Aurora managed to cut through the thin air. "Not anymore." Veturius's gaze hovered over his daughter's body down to her gown that had mud stains on its edge. "Continue to your room. And have that cleaned." She tilted her chin and studied the aura that was deep in the air. "Alright, father.'' "Allanon," Veturius called. "Your human com
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#8. Quest for Cirdanoth legion
"What is the case then?""I want to do something. Unless I sound foolish to him I'm supposed to be out there fighting the darkness that has surged but some crazy limitation hoards me. It's irritating.""Never heard an elf could care less about others. My theory says they're selfish and I have seen them.""Of course they're selfish. Especially the council playing blind to what it's blue. Come to think of it—" she breaks and readjusted her tone as Elrond chuckled at her."You're different. Not even the Elven merchants I have met in Charevibe would be so expressive. Yes, you're right—not to be judgemental of your kind but I mean you are too peevish to lavish such wealth on yourself, the whole of Cirdanoth alone." "Charevibe is that false north?" She piqued interest."Offensively, there is only one true north, the whole of the north, my lady.""You're not as distasteful as I thought. You bear the rune. Humans as far as I know can't bear an Elderwood rune except. That is only a myth, forgi
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#9. Seeking light in the gloom
"Don't you ever take her on such dangerous expeditions again?" He cautioned. Elrond finds all these things amazing. "Though you never lack, there is a schism between you and Cain, she betrothed." "Don't you bring that up?" He forced the word out of his mouth. "I'm showing my concern towards her and nothing more, so don't fucking meddle." "Concern didn't look like that. You must be a loser to give her up." The man balled his hand to his side. with the confidence, he wore within the walls of Cirdanoth towered, stood by Commander Nikolai's side. "I would be so delighted to watch you perish, Elves!" The commander, Nikolai bends down and tries to pull the stick up. His eyes closed his mind open to the forces he had to summon. His eyes glint, the flame silver, he lifts the stock but then it slumps down hitting the floor. His first landed on his lap, anger rippling through the vein on the back of his neck. "There you are, I thought that you would be in the wall of the
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#10. The flame of hope
She depicts her gaze to her this time looking so close that you think they were in a duel. "We have to get out of here, or maybe go back," Elrond whispered into Aurora's ear, he had no idea where to go from here, had he. . . he would have followed his thought. "You really think it will be easy?" "You can have Cain all to yourself, you should not have followed down the tunnel when you should be warming his bed." Her lashes are long, and Elrond finds the two ladies somewhat a cool challenge that the lady will be having the world thrall at her feet. "With a human boy? I can't wait for you to tell me why you're here. Finding him attractive?" Curiosity gets the better of her. "Why are you travelling to the forest? Eloping is it, love, I can't believe this." She scoffed. "If that is the case can you back off now?" "You find a human boy attractive?" "You can have Cain all to yourself, " Aurora winced. "No that will be super stupid, Cain would have wanted th
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