The twist, then a turn.

    Inside a tree. 

"Now that all the work is done, what stays you yet, Ayla?"

Prium shot at the indifferent Ayla. All Vulcan did was supplant his rude and mean stare on Prium. After all he had done to her and made her seen for herself, she yet wouldn't leave and would keep constituting the nuisances she thought she had her grasp on?

"You don't get to choose who stays or leave, Prium. You might as well leave if you're tired of being here."

Vulcan found his words, but Prium seemed like a rock which bounced back whatever got to her. She didn't seem beaten nor moved. She said,

"Was only saying, she should leave and go and call her mistress, afterall she is a slave all along."

Vulcan slapped her and she was so shocked. She didn't expect it. Like when a rollercoaster which seemed to had been mute, out of nowhere, from behind you knocked you out. 

"Say one more thing about her and you would get another. Gone are t


Anyone reading this?

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