The Princess in the forest.

   In a forest. 

"Where do I go from here?"

The princess muttered, breathing heavily, the sac containing her clothes in her hand. She stood in the path not certain where to go. She knew that going back wasn't even a choice. She would be beheaded at sight. She could risk her own life of course, but not of the baby in her. She was dead already to herself. She was living because of the child in her. 

She looked at her back, there was no one in view. She opened the sac of clothes and brought out the skin of water. She drank from it. That was the last drop. She wasn't sure whether or not they was a stream nearby. She was already doomed. 

But then she looked up towards the other direction, to the front. She saw a wierd lady seated under a tree all by herself. She began to hurry towards the lady. Probably she could be of help to her. 

As she drew nearer to the lady, she noticed that the lady had her head down tracing her


I hope the princess is safe, especially her baby.

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