The 7th Memory

          Who are you?

   Faced with this question, he didn't think about it at all, and gave the answer directly: "Deep Space Warrior Experimental No. 1120."

  Why were you born?

   "An experimental body pre-researched for the creation of an all-around warrior capable of independently exploring deep space."

  What are you fighting for?

   "Fight for Humanity."

   Who do you obey?

   "System instructions."

   Not afraid of death?

   "Not afraid of death."

  What is death?

   "Radical change in the physical form of the body."

   All the questions were fleeting, and his thoughts didn't fluctuate at all, they were all answered instinctively.

   The screen in front of him suddenly paused, and then a question popped up: "Which of these people would you shoot first?"

   Below the question, eight photos suddenly appeared, including old people, children, and some familiar faces, but he could not remember where he saw them. So he knew that this was knowledge protected by the system, and that he had insufficient authority to see his own memories. But this question was completely beyond the scope of instinctive answering, so he began to carefully observe the eight photos, thinking carefully, he tried to find out the target that should be shot first. However, at this moment, there was a little confusion in his thinking. What criteria should he use to screen targets? Age, gender, identity or something else, like, does the photo look unpleasant? The appearance of the last standard made him a little surprised, and he didn't understand how the idea came about.

   But just when he hesitated, the screen suddenly went dark, the images on it all disappeared, and after a while, it turned transparent, revealing the room behind the screen. Behind the screen are the instruments of the whole room. A researcher with disheveled hair and deep glasses is sitting at the control table, looking at a middle-aged man who hurriedly walked in with some stunned expression.

   This man was wearing the same researcher's robe, but with a black and gold stripe on his shoulders. This means that his status is higher than that of other researchers.

  For some reason, seeing this man, his mood fluctuated slightly.

   The middle-aged man walked quickly to the console, glanced at the screen, and shouted, "Who told you to change the title without authorization? Stop immediately!"

The researcher in front of the console spread his hands and said, "I just wanted to see how he would react when faced with an unfamiliar problem beyond the preset. The result is really surprising! You see, this data is very interesting, a paragraph How does the program evaluate a person as pleasing or unpleasant? If we dig deeper, maybe we can find a completely new algorithm..."

   Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by a middle-aged man: "Delete it, and then you forget everything about today."

The sloppy researcher jumped up, pointed his fingers at the screen, and said, "Why! Don't you know the meaning of this result? It may be the real intelligent fuzzy judgment algorithm we have been trying to find! This will be the result of winning the grand prize. !"

The middle-aged man said: "You will lose your job before you win the award. Don't forget, our research progress is already 15% behind, and as long as there are two more such accidents, we will not think about it. Get extra money for this year. Bonuses, special allowances, and three-year vacations for everyone will be eliminated. If I remember correctly, you have two children, one of whom is about to pay entrance fees."

  The shaggy-headed researcher immediately lost his momentum by three points and smiled bitterly: "Well, you are the boss, you have the final say. However, Dr. Chu, can't we really keep this data privately?"

   "No, delete it immediately! Get out of the way." Dr. Chu firmly pushed the researcher away and started working directly on his computer. The researcher shrugged helplessly, he had to watch the progress bar of data cleaning appear, and slowly ran to the end.

   Just as the progress bar was about to end, the laboratory suddenly vibrated violently, the shaggy-headed researcher fell down, and Dr. Chu reached out and pressed it on the table, and the whole person floated up in the air as if losing gravity, avoiding the fall. Immediately, a faint explosion sounded, and the lights in the room turned a dazzling red. The screeching siren overwhelmed everything in a blink of an eye, and only the electronically synthesized voice repeated the warning in a constant tone:

   "Warning! The base was attacked by an unknown, and the damage was level 3. All personnel please move according to emergency procedures! Repeat, the base was attacked by an unknown..."

   The shaggy-headed researcher was obviously out of shape, "Unknown attack? Who will attack us?"

  The room vibrated more and more, and the explosion sounded closer. Dr. Chu fell from the sky, and although the room shook violently, he seemed to be standing on the ground, and his body did not shake at all.

   He shouted sharply: "Destroy all data! Immediately!"

   The shaggy-headed researcher was stunned and said, "It's only a three-level alert now..."

   Dr. Chu said: "It will be level 1 soon! Think about it, who will attack us?"

The    researcher was taken aback, jumped in front of the seat, and started frantically operating the computer.

  Dr. Chu reached out and fastened the seat belt for him, then said, "Unlock the No. 7 memory."

   "But, that's taboo..." The shaggy head was stunned.

   Dr. Chu patted him on the shoulder and said, "Just do me a favor. You understand what that memory means to me."

   With a shaggy head and struggling, he finally gritted his teeth and said, "Okay! I don't want this job, it's okay to let my second child go to a poor school!" He entered the password at a high speed, and then aimed his eyes at the screen. After checking the iris, he took a deep breath and pressed the OK button hard. With a light click, the server cabinet on one side lowered the cabinet door, and a lighter-sized chip box popped out. The chip box is marked with a prominent red prohibition mark.

  Dr. Chu quickly pulled out the chip box, turned around suddenly before going out, and said, "I won't forget you. If... see you again in the future."

Feng Tou didn't hear the hidden meaning of his words. He concentrated on clearing the information. After a while, he breathed a sigh of relief and said to himself: "It's finally done. If it weren't for the first-level alert, I would be miserable... Damn it! Level 1 alert!!"

   At this moment, the alarm light starts to flash frantically, the alarm tone speed is doubled, and it is played repeatedly:

   "The self-destruction program in the core cabin area starts, the countdown starts, and all personnel escape immediately. Repeat again, the self-destruction countdown starts, and all personnel escape immediately!"

   The hooded researcher unbuckled his seat belt and stumbled towards the door. At this moment, a cabinet next to him suddenly exploded, and the shock wave tossed him, his head slammed into the corner of the table, and blood immediately flowed out. The shaggy-headed researcher rushed out of the room with no regard for the pain. As for the fire burning in the room, he has completely ignored it.

   From beginning to end, he sat quietly, motionless. He looked at the screen in front of him that had been hit by explosions and debris, but couldn't see a single scratch, put his slightly raised hand down again, and continued to wait. He did not receive an order, so he should wait here, waiting for a new order to be issued, or destroy it together with the base. Even if he doesn't want to wait, it's useless. The walls of this room are made of armor-grade alloys. They are not afraid of any individual weapon attacks, and they don't know what they are guarding against. He didn't want to know the answer, instinctively. He just sat like that, watching the fire across the screen grow more and more violent. Under high temperature, the screen is gradually deformed.

   At this moment, he didn't think about anything. In the depths of his consciousness, there are a few mysterious dots containing some data fragments. These points have limited capacity and can store very little data. But they can avoid daily cleaning. That's a few memories from the past. He once had companions, also only numbered companions, and also experienced experiments similar to destruction scenarios. He knew that it could be destroyed in an experiment, or it could end up being just an experiment. As an experimental subject, he has no discernment ability. However, he is very clear that the experiment will not necessarily be destroyed, but if you think about it in the experiment, it will definitely be destroyed.

   Where did the destruction come from, he did not know, could not think, and could not think. Just then, the automatic door of the room suddenly opened. But the door only opened halfway, and it got stuck halfway. Holding the door with one hand, he pulled the heavy automatic door open, and then Dr. Chu strode in.

   At this time, Dr. Chu had taken off his research robe and put on a self-powered combat armor. As soon as he entered the door, Dr. Chu said, "Follow me."

   He stood up obediently and followed the Doctor. In his system, Dr. Chu's orders have the second highest priority. And the highest priority owner doesn't seem to be in this base. At least he never saw it. Therefore, the doctor's words are the supreme command and cannot be disobeyed. As soon as he got out of the automatic door, a pipeline in the side passage burst, the leaked gas instantly burned, and a raging wave of fire rushed out, blocking the road ahead.

  Dr. Chu, without hesitation, rushed to the side passage, directly blocked the fire wave with his body, then grabbed him and threw him into another passage. At this time, the doctor left the side passage and rushed forward again. He saw that the armor behind the doctor was already charred.

   At this moment, the sound of explosions came one after another, and there was thick smoke and fire everywhere. The entire base vibrated violently, and broken parts fell from time to time. With the continuous explosion, there will be fragments flying everywhere from time to time, and once hit, it is deadly enough. Dr. Chu moved forward quickly, constantly opening the way ahead, and finally came to an automatic door. The automatic door has lost power and cannot be opened. Dr. Chu popped a miniature bomb directly from the armor's wrist, stuck it to the door, and pulled him behind him.

   With a small roar, the automatic door was blasted open a gap. Dr. Chu kicked the broken door open with a force that was not commensurate with his body, and strode in. The room is lined with instruments that resemble dormant pods. Hidden memories reminded him that this seems to be the place to rewrite and adjust the program, where he cleans the memory data every time the experiment ends.

   Dr. Chu checked quickly and quickly found a working machine. "Go in."

   He stepped into the machine, sat down, half-lying, and got ready. Dr. Chu quickly entered a series of commands on the console, and then took out the No. 7 memory painted bright red. Looking at the memory, Dr. Chu hesitated for a moment, then raised his head and asked, "Do you know what I'm going to give you?"

   "No matter what, I will obey." He said in a mechanically unchanged voice.

  Dr. Chu nodded, his hands suddenly began to tremble slightly, as if he had made great determination before inserting the memory into the card slot and pressing the start button. A probe pierced the back of his neck, inserted into the data port, and a small piece of data was entered. As soon as this piece of data entered, he immediately began to clear all the restrictions and blockades in his consciousness, and even did not let go of many hidden commands and interfaces, and cleared them one by one.

   The chains that bound and controlled him fell one by one.

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