Bucking The Tide

     After the initial clean-up work was completed, a huge amount of data poured into it, which contained countless messy but complete memories, and pictures flashed quickly, filling in the blanks that had been preserved in his consciousness for a long time. If it weren't for these memories, he wouldn't even know that he had such a large memory space.

   This is a person, to be precise, a complete life of a teenager. The last scene of the picture scroll is frozen in a white room, and the vision is gradually blurred by shadowless lights. He suddenly had a strange feeling that he seemed to resonate with these memories, and gradually, he gradually merged with the memories, regardless of each other, as if it should be like this. He opened his eyes, looked at Dr. Chu in front of him, and suddenly felt a certain emotion. This emotion is deep and complicated, as if a lot of things are mixed together, and I can't figure out what it is. In the chaos, there is a vague hatred, and there are other things. This emotion seems to be part of his innate.

   Dr. Chu looked at him, as if there was a faint light flickering in the depths of his eyes. It's just that the doctor's face with the marks of the years is always serious, without the slightest smile or anything. "I have downloaded the escape route for you, as well as your future identity, name and follow-up action plan."

   "Name..." he repeated.

   Dr. Chu's eyes flashed a hint of softness that was difficult to detect, and said, "Yes, you will have your own name from now on... Chu Jungui."

   He retrieved the data he had just obtained and found that there was a new mission pack, codenamed 44, after the escape. However, the data package cannot be opened, and it shows that the pre-escape steps have not been completed. "What should I do after Action 44 is complete?"

   Dr. Chu turned his head and looked into the distance through the window and said, "Let's talk about it later."

   "Okay." He obeyed.

  Dr. Chu disconnected the cabin from him, pointed to the side door, and said, "Just leave from here!" He jumped up and ran to the side door.

   "Wait a minute!" the Doctor stopped him.

   He stopped and turned around. There are more things in the doctor's eyes, some of which he understands, and some of which he doesn't understand. But the Doctor quickly suppressed his emotions, shoved an item into his pocket, then resumed his stern face and said, "This is for you, and you will see it when you leave. Remember, after you leave here, you will not Another experimental subject. You have your own name and personality, you can live as you want, and you don't need to listen to anyone's orders from now on."

   There seemed to be something in his heart, but he couldn't express it, he just bowed to the doctor silently. The doctor waved his hand and told him to go quickly, while he returned to the passage where he came, and the tall figure quickly disappeared into the fireworks.

   "Chu Jun returns..." He recited his name twice in his mind, and then ran quickly along the route map.

   This appears to be an emergency repair channel, with heavy metal walls with special reinforced support structures, and edges painted with striking yellow twill. He picked up speed and came to the end of the passage. There is a heavy gate, the power supply has been cut off, and it seems that the roulette switch on the gate is manually turned. He grabbed the turntable, turned the wheel with a little force, and pushed open the heavy isolation door. Outside the door is a hall, which seems to be divided into several areas, each with different purposes. At this time, only emergency lights were left in the hall, and they flickered on and off. There are several detached cables in the corners, fluttering in the air, and the large canopy of electric fire bursts from time to time.

   At this time, the hall was empty, and the ground was full of research materials thrown around. Many valuable instruments fell on the ground and were ignored. Apparently the researchers were in a hurry. Following the downloaded escape route instructions, he walked through the hall and came to a separate area. There is a one-way penetrating screen separation. At this moment, the energy supply is not stable, and the screen is constantly changing between one-way penetrating and opaque. Only when the energy is supplied, the screen will turn on the state of one-way observation.

   He glanced inside through the screen, and was suddenly startled. Behind the screen is an apartment. The furnishings and arrangements inside are all too familiar. Even the automatic food maker is still in a state of unsupplemented ingredients. This was the apartment where he didn't know how long he had lived. It turns out that his every move is under the eyes of researchers, and all his actions have data collected, organized and analyzed. There was an inexplicable emotion in his heart, but it was quickly suppressed. As an experimental subject, he should be used to this kind of thing.

  Chu Jungui bypassed the screen and opened a secret door. The other side of the door is disguised as a device cover. Passing through the secret door is the corridor outside his apartment door. He rushed into his room, took a quick look, and felt that there was nothing to bring or worth bringing. There is still a beautiful view of the Bay Area outside the window, and there is no sign of war. It was noon now, and under the strong direct sunlight, there were many fewer yachts and sailboats at sea. There are more tourists taking a break on the beach, and a few young people are playing a game of beach volleyball.

   Follow the escape route, the only exit is on the balcony. He strode to the floor-to-ceiling window, pulled open the glass door, and was instantly stunned! There was no bay area behind the door at all, and what was in sight was just a huge metal frame structure not far away, with neat giant glass portholes inlaid on it. If you ignore the window frame, it is the floor-to-ceiling window nearly 100 meters high. But there is nothing outside the window, there is only endless deep space! Even if he was accustomed to the mechanically cold programmed thinking, he had a sense of autonomy and personality for the first time, but it took him a while to recover from the too huge impact.

   It turned out that there was no Bay Area, no city, and he had been living in a space base. Under his feet was a steel passage leading to another room. At this time, an attack plane suddenly swept past the window, and the cannons under the wings kept spewing fire. Several beams strayed from their target and slammed into the glass outer wall, causing a violent explosion. Fortunately, the outer wall of the base is extraordinarily strong, and the glass is covered with cracks, but it has not been smashed. However, several cracks began to leak, and it obviously couldn't last long.

  Chu Jungui flew along the passage, circled upwards, and rushed into another hall. There is a shuttle parked here, which is the one he takes every time he goes to the experimental base. The floor of the hall can sink, and a few floors down is the area where he accepts experiments every day. The shuttle can't fly at all. It is actually fixed on the floor and can make various shaking and vibrating movements. Chu Jungui ran past the shuttle and ran out of the door on the other side of the hall. According to the route map, ahead is the airport area, where there is a special escape ship. In the roadmap, the doctor has given him the code and flight path to start the spacecraft.

  The airport area was full of flames and explosions, and there were some corpses scattered on the ground, and no one could be seen. A screen that was still working showed that all the escape pod berths were empty and that all the escape pods had been launched. Chu Jungui successfully found the inconspicuous secret door and entered as many as 32-digit passwords to enter this secret area with the highest authority. There is a small spaceship parked on the berth, which can only seat three or four people. He also wanted to check the surrounding environment, but now there was a violent explosion in the air port area, so he no longer hesitated, opened the hatch, sat in the driver's seat, and then pressed his hand on the start area.

  The new flight route map is entered into the spacecraft through the data interface. The spacecraft started immediately, and after an extremely long fifteen-second engine warm-up, it finally slowly slipped out of the berth, then accelerated rapidly, rushing out of the exit like a cannonball. Behind the spacecraft, the airport area finally exploded completely. A fire dragon spewed out from the port orbit, and countless debris was spewed out with the spacecraft. They end up being the junk of the universe.

  The spaceship has already started to accelerate according to the predetermined route. Chu Jun turned back and wanted to see what the place where he had been living was. What he flew away from was a huge space base, roughly rectangular in shape, like a space city. It can be seen that after a long period of continuous construction, it has reached the scale it is today.

   Around the space base at this moment, as many as hundreds of fighter planes are flying around, like a group of bloodthirsty raptors, desperately attacking the huge but gradually losing power to fight back. Just looking at their dazzling flight trajectories, you know that they are the most old-fashioned pilots. The base is full of fire, only a few turrets are still fighting back. But this ignition power is really powerless in the face of a large number of elite fighters.

   There are some escape pods in the distance, relying on their own weak power to try to escape. More than a dozen combat bombers are shuttled back and forth, attacking these escape pods and blowing them up in the air. Other escape pods sent out surrender signals, turned off the power, and were being pulled away by fighter jets. At this time, a fighter plane found Chu Jungui's spaceship, it turned its course, and quickly approached Chu Jungui's spaceship. Its muzzle has already lit up with a faint red light, indicating that it has begun to lock on the target.

  Chu Jungui held the joystick, ready to turn around to meet him. In his memory area, there is a complete set of basic tutorial materials for outer space combat. Although this spacecraft is used for temporary escape, its basic performance should not be bad. Even if it can't compare to the elite fighters on the opposite side, at least it has the strength to fight back. However, although the joystick moved according to his wishes, the spacecraft did not respond to this control behavior, and still accelerated slowly along the predetermined route. And the acceleration rate is low, far exceeding the normal escape spacecraft.

   "The spaceship has entered the space jump preparation stage, and the controls have been locked." The prompt sound made him instantly have the urge to scold his mother. At this time, he was still accelerating slowly, and before the space jump, he had been turned into deep space garbage by the enemy.

   The speed-up performance of the enemy fighters is obviously far better than that of Chu Jungui's small spaceship, which quickly approaches and enters the range. Just when it was about to fire, a fighter plane suddenly appeared like a ghost, and a series of violent artillery fire poured out, instantly tearing the enemy plane to pieces. The change in the airspace here alerted the fighter group not far away. Six or seven fighter planes broke away from the attack on the base and flew towards this side.

   And the mysterious fighter plane was not afraid at all, it crashed into the enemy aircraft group, and instantly displayed unparalleled air combat skills, destroying four enemy planes in a blink of an eye. Seeing that the situation was not good for the remaining two, they fled in a hurry. However, their escape was only temporary. There was a commotion in the distant fighter group, and more fighter planes were breaking away from the attack on the base and began to form formations.

  The mysterious fighter did not escape, but flew around Chu Jungui's spaceship, and then sent a signal. On the console in front of him, an image of the Doctor appeared. It turned out to be Dr. Chu who was driving the fighter? He was a little surprised, the doctor just showed the combat skills of the air combat king. Dr. Chu looked a little haggard, still as cold and serious as steel, and the few vague wrinkles were as hard as a knife. He looked at Chu Jungui deeply, and in the end he just waved his hand as a greeting without saying anything.

   In the distance, dozens of fighter planes have been formed into a huge battle group, roaring. The doctor cut off the communication, drove the fighter jet, and left in an instant. Chu Jungui jumped to the porthole and looked out. I saw that the solitary fighter plane of the doctor was accelerating towards the huge group of fighter planes in front. Like an ancient knight, bucking the tide.

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