Chapter 01

I had just finished a cup of soda and lime.

Whilst my friend, Stanley is busy calling me an amateur.

I don't blame her either, it's just who I am.

I don't drink alcohol nor do I do the things normal teenagers of my age are meant to do, but I am guessing since I am eighteen years old today, I could just try a little bit of alcohol.

I always wondered how alcohol would taste, Stanley who happens to be my new friend is still trying to get me a boyfriend.

"Oh, this annoying girl...who told her that I need a boyfriend right now? She is so fucking annoying" I murmured out.

Well, I thought I had told her that I don't do old people, I want a boyfriend that is either one year older than me or two years older than me and he must be sexy and cool.

Shit! it seems alcohol is not as bad as they said, it just burnt my throat a little and it tastes like some nice herb to drink.

"Hi, I'm boyar, I love your hair...It's blond," Boyar said to me, smiling so wild that I noticed he had rotten teeths.

 "God! who is this weird guy that Stanley just bought for me now?" I asked myself In my mind so annoyed.

"Oh lord seriously… The only thing this guy likes about me is my blond hair," I said in my mind again as I stared away but then I looked up to see his features.

He has brown eyes, nice nose, pink lips, his body build up seems like he has been begging God for some muscles lately, and he's definitely not my type.

Probably a HIV patient.

The worst thing is that he has brown eyes instead of blue and his pink lips are not as pink as I like.

He's moderately tall but then not as tall as I like too, plus he lacks manners of speech too.

Shit! I think I hate him now.

"Hey, I am talking to you, I love you" Boyar said to me about touching my hair and I was freaking out.

"He seems crazy, no he's drunk, no normal person will just fall in love with someone they just met, so I'm guessing he's either drunk or crazy," I said in my mind again as I glared at his lame face with tattoos.

Damn! His breath stinks.

"I do not want to have anything to do with you, nor do I want you to be my boyfriend... The girl that sent you to me was definitely confused and yes I'm an engaged woman" I said to him hoping that the lies I had told him about me being engaged will make him go away.

Or run with the fear that my to-be husband was close.

"I don't care," he said to me as he leaned in to kiss me.

"What the hell?" I said speedily in shock.

I pushed him away from me with force as I stood up from the chair which I sat on.

Speedily, I ran away searching for Stanley who had brought me to this savage club or home of hormonal men.

But I was not able to find her.

I wonder where she has gone, I turned and from behind me was the dude running towards me with an injury that I must have caused him to have from the push.

I could no longer search for Stanley, so then...I had to run for my dear life and my virginity, I don't want my virginity taken away by some dirty hormonal man.

So I ran towards the exit door but then boyar was so fast that he got a good grip on my jeans.

I turned back to fight him off but then I could not stop him, I started to scream for help, but the club music noise was too loud for anyone to hear me.

It Felt like Satan had caught me and would burn me.

"Please sir, don't do this to me" I pleaded with boyar already about to cry.

"Don't worry, you will like it," Boyar replied to me and tears started to pour down from my eyes as I saw my own personal body being ravaged out by some savage pirate.

Thoughts and thoughts started to fill my mind as I could feel the erection from his manhood pressing itself on me.

He uses his hand palm to cover my mouths to make sure that nobody gets to hear my screams.

I struggled and shouted out loud but no one came to my aid, even so, I could see people walking about, they could not just see me about to be raped in the darkest corner of the club building nor could they hear my screams.

The music was blasting off like nuclear bombs.

Boyar used his hands to try to open my jeans trouser so he could have his way, and I was already feeling defeated at this moment, I felt dead even so I was alive.

Then Bam!

I heard a sound that pounded into my heart in shock.

It was the sound of a very strong punch.

Boyar fell towards my left-hand side and it seemed like he had fainted or worse… Died?

I pushed him off me as I quickly stood up looking at the person that saved me but unable to see his face clearly.

He seemed like a god.

He kicked boyar once more with his legs and boyar held his stomach like Some organ had broken or malfunctioned.

Funny thing is my hero was only wearing a silk boxer with club glowing paints all over his body.

"Please help me," I said to the glowing shadow image of a man that saved me and I continued.

"I can't find my friend Stanley, she was just having fun around and then I could no more see her before this weirdo came after me... He must be drunk" I said to him, shaking.

"Well your friend is not a good friend," He said to me with his voice a bit pissed like he was angry with me.

"Why do you think so?" I asked this manly framed person.

"I overheard her making a deal with boyar to sex you and this guy is a rapist, he wasn't drunk when he came after you, he was just pretending to make it a drunk act," The guy that saved me said to me looking at a guy that saw us.

"We have to leave now" he continued to talk as he held my hands and we both exited the building.

"Everyone in this street knows who you are and most especially your dad, he's one of the top men here and so you should be careful of the kinds of places you go to and the kinds of friends you keep" he said to me and I looked down as I knew it was my fault.

"Why are you quiet?" he asked me, staring in my direction.

"I can't believe that my own friend betrayed me to that extent", I said to him, a bit sad.

"look! There they are" a guy exiting the club building said pointing at us with a gun.

"Run!" He chips in.

The guy that had saved me said to me and I started to run with my palms in his big palms as we both ran.

I turned and I looked back just to see about four armed men pursuing us together with boyar.

I ran so fast that the guy that saved me had to keep up too.

"Follow my lead," the guy that saved me said to me and I ran in every direction that he told me to use.

Then he dragged me towards himself and we both hid in a dark corner of a building which was really tight that his chest was all over me from behind.

He cocks his head in my neck as he covers me with his huge manly frame.

His silk boxer and hard dick pressed over my butts Really hard that it felt like things were about to get steamy.

He traced his fingers downwards till it met with mine and he held my palm in his tightly as he clinged on me.

Then his hands traced themselves to my waist slowly and then tightly to himself as he exhales out.

I knew his modes had changed because of how hard his dick was from behind me as he kept pressing me to himself.

"Fuck! Your mad shape is changing my mood" he whispers and I chuckled after hearing that.

"I noticed it did," I said to him and he breathes out.

Then they came running past us and his heart was beating so fast that I could feel it from his chest.

It seemed that I was not the only person scared, then there was peace again and he removed himself from me as he looked into my eyes that had tears.

"Are you okay?" he said to me with his reaction being worried while his dick protruded from his pants and I could tell that he was probably a sex demon or so.

"Who are you?" I asked him, as I felt safe.

"You can call me Terry, I am just an average chocolate dude who spends most of his time in the street" he says to me and I took a good look at him and he seemed perfect to me, he was as I imagined a man to be.

He had the blue eyes, really pink lips and the height that I always imagined that my guy should have, so...cute! With an amazing looking chocolate skin.

"You can stay in my house if you want," Terry said to me with his blue eyes falling deep into mine.

"No thanks, I will just call my driver," I said to him as I brought out my phone and ordered to be picked by my driver who can be trusted for sure.

We walked some more through the street and soon enough my driver had arrived after locating me.

But then I turned back to see that we were surrounded by thugs whose minds were actually made up to deal with me.

From nowhere there was a sudden explosion and something ran out from the far forest so fast that I feared it more than I feared the thugs.

It sliced through their bodies and used its hand to divide them, as they started shooting at the alien creature.

Terry dragged me towards my drivers car and I got in.

Before Terry could get it, Blue like blood of the creature had spilled into his mouth and his eyes and so he got confused.

Then, I dragged him into the car by myself and I screamed for the driver to drive off and he did.

Later then, Terry could now see and I gave him a ride to his house trying to still figure out who he was and what was the creature that attacked the bad guys?

He looks very handsome, muscular with abs and a perfect waistline that made him seem like a demigod and I felt special for the fact that he saved me and was my dream man so I hugged him.

That hug lasted too long though.

From my purse I gave him my contact card asking him to call me whenever he feels like cause maybe I might finally fuck a real man but those thoughts were just mysteries in my mind since I am beginning to crave it.

"You need to go home now, a dangerous creature ran out of the government base that exploded and so I don't think this town is safe anymore, cause they will surely want to kill anyone aware of this, so keep this a secret too" He says to me and I nodded a yes sign.

Then we drove away, heading for home.

I can't still believe what I saw.

An alien creature.

And a very hot muscular god.

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