Chapter 02


I was just in my usual street club where I normally go to have a couple of drinks and to satisfy my hormonal desires, It was my main joint, I had many friends and enemies in the same club but then we have a rule and that rule is to never fight in the club.

We all respect the rule even when we have a deep hatred for each other... A new enemy I had made recently called boyar made me lose a chick.

At first...I thought he did not know but then he told me himself that he took the girl I was supposed to have made out with purposely while laughing to make me have no one to do my normal evil deeds with.

But then I forgave him, and he did it for the second time... again, the person he had taken away was someone I had found interest in, so I disliked him for trying to make me lose and lack what was normally supposed to be mine.

On one certain night, a fresh chick just walked into the club, she looked rich and familiar.

Not just familiar but someone I think everyone should know, it was the daughter of one the richest man in our town, she's called Stella.

Everyone knows her to be a rich spoilt kid, as I stared at her, I discovered that I was not the only person staring at her.

Many other guys too were staring at her, and it seemed like we all had the same thoughts in mind.

It almost became like my whole body was salivating inside of me, I wanted to talk to her but I smelt like alcohol and smoke.

So I did not want to bother making her feel disgusted or irritated.

I stayed away.

But I still continued to stare at her beautiful face, with her black eyes that seemed too cute to be true, her clean blond hair, her really pink lips with shades of lip gloss, her bright and clear skin that looked like god edited her skin to make it perfect, her breast that seemed portable and moderate, her curves and her nice height was trilling me.

Just looking at her made me feel like I was already in bed with her.

But then it occurred to me that she belongs to a very noble rich man in the town which happens to be her dad, and she would probably reject a guy like me.

Who asked well smells like alcohol and she will think that I am a playboy kinda thing.

By her side, I can see another usual girl that I know walking from behind her, I looked at her and she winked at me.

I had something to do with her before but then a time came when I wasn't around for her anymore.

She cheated on me with my worst enemy. boyar... I was told she did this with video proof and then I never looked at her like a girl that could be my girlfriend or anything personal.

I took her like a bitch.

She's called Stanley, and with that behavior close to Stella, I know that they are probably friends.

I watched as Stanley tries to make other boys staring at Stella to go and meet her, and I knew that Stella either wanted a boyfriend or could not get one for herself.

I guess she now thinks she needs one, that's good and interesting.

I walked straight to meet Stella but then a girl I used to do things with grabbed My shirt and I had no choice to follow her to where she was going.

She's called Benita, she's known for dragging men about to have sex with them.

Soon enough we were inside a room alone, she unzipped my jean trousers and she brought it out and started to stroke it with her hands and then suck it with her bare mouth.

"You are so fucking huge," Benita said to me and through the window, I saw Stanley talking to boyar who happens to be my worst enemy.

I removed my cork from Benita's mouth and I signaled for her to leave, she looked at me with a confused look but when she saw what I concentrated on she immediately walked out of the room with an angry face.

I guess she will find someone else to have fun with.

Then I overhead Stanley and boyar talking from the other far corner "I want you to deal with her, she thinks she's rich and she literally does not want to lose her virginity.

So I want you to take it away from her by force, I'm sure you understand what I mean" Stanley said to boyar who seemed rather happy for the fact that he had found a reliable person to rape.

"yes, ma'am, I will do as you say"

But then Benita came into the room and she pushed me to the bed and she continued what she normally does.

It seems like she could not find anyone, I am guessing she just wanted me because I have got what it takes and too bad for me...I fell for it again.

I could not just let this awesome meeting slip my fingers, and for about ten minutes, we continued but then, I remembered what I had heard.

It seemed like a normal thing to do but then it is wrong at the same time, Stella's dad happens to be a very noble patriotic person and it would be wrong for me to let his innocent daughter get hurt.

If I stop them from their plan then I might not be allowed to come to this club again, it means that I have broken a rule and that rule is simply.

Do not save another man's hole for yourself.

It is too bad because I will have to disobey that club rule, I pushed Benita away from me speedily.

"I'm sorry, I really want to do this with you but I have something else to attend to" I said to Benita feeling already awkward.

"Well it is too bad, I am going to lose such a huge antenna," Benita said to me with her fuck you thumb up alone as I exited the room.

I raised my trousers up and zipped it and then I searched for Stella everywhere and could not see her. 

My heart started to pound in a way that I thought in every minute I wasted she has been raped.

I looked around and then I sat down on a chair focusing all my energy on the noises in the club.

Then I heard a scream that came out from a dark corner of the club building, I immediately knew that she must be there because that place was the darkest part of the club building.

Most people stay there to have sex in the secret So, I immediately went there and could now clearly see her in the dark, about to be raped.

I landed my strongest punch on boyars face, It was a typical punch that included all the evil deeps he has been committing to me and the fact that he was stupidly trying to rape her made the punch a little bit stronger than expected.

It landed on his face like a nuclear bomb and he fainted on her, she pushed him away and afterward, we were safe from an attack after been pursued by some bad guys in the club.

"Although a thing happened next..."

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