Chapter 104

After that incident, I left the hospital and quickly took a bike to the hotel. 

I packed all my things and headed back to school. 

I called my twin, told him everything and he patiently listened to my crying more than talking. As usual he made me feel better. 

When Derrick gets better, I'll have to explain everything to him and if he feels he wouldn't continue with me, I'll gladly accept, focus on school and become a reverend sister! 

Alisa and Debra came back and I appreciated the fact they understood me and didn't mention anything that happened.

Alisa only said I had to get some medicine. 

"you look miserable, remember this old cartoon, fat dog Mendoza? That's how you look like " she said. 

I laughed at her effort to release the tension in the air. 

I laughed harder when Debra disagreed with a serious face " no,

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