Chapter 105

He asked me to go brush! 

So my breath was that bad? I mean I knew it was bad but did he have to tell me. It was so embarrassing. 

I wasn't expecting anybody and I only wanted to imitate my stupid elder brother my not brushing till maybe 12, I just wanted to sleep all through. 

I swear I was going to cry, I was. Okay i wouldn't.

He had seen me cry once when I broke my boyfriend's head and he hugged me when I did. 

I wasn't going to cry now. I was just going to take my tooth brush and go to the bathroom. 

Our room had a bathroom unlike others where they'd have to go to a share a bathroom down the hall.

I remembered Aisha had thrown the toothpaste on the table, I silently walked over to get it, I didn't know when tears rolled down my cheeks, before I could clean it, the monster had noticed it already. 

I cleaned it anyway

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